First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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Not Better, Not Better You Bet

But this time for real because Maggie's cousin emailed Don a link to the evil internets and a YouTube video entitled "Another New Yorker Loses It." It's Maggie screaming at a bus. Yeah. I would leave Maggie too for that. She crazy! But actually, Don is more upset about what Maggie is saying than the fact that she's saying it to a bus.

"Shhhhit!" Maggie says, which is the appropriate reaction. Don just laughs at her. "If I weren't a cast member in this story, I'd think it was pretty funny," he says. Trust me, Don -- it isn't. Don can't believe that Maggie, a so-called "news producer" didn't realize that her mental breakdown in front of a bus of tourists wouldn't wind up on YouTube. Don says he wasn't in love with Maggie anyway, so, whatever. He basically gives her his blessing to go for Jim. He can pursue Maggie's cousin, who told him all of this in the first place to break them up and claim Don for herself. "You should call Jim. Tell him to get off the fucking bus. We're trying to do the news," Don says. Best break-up line ever. I'm totally using that.

MacKenzie finds Will in a bar and smacks him on the head as a greeting. Will admits that he's "flipping out" about being taken off the 9/11 anniversary show and he doesn't understand why his precious audience doesn't want to see him anymore. "I remind people of the enemy? Jesus!" Will says.

And then, apropos of nothing except that I guess Sorkin heard this song on the radio while he was writing the script, Will launches into a rant about The Who's "You Better You Bet" and how it reminds him of his relationship with the audience. MacKenzie says the song reminds her of her relationship with Will. Self-absorbed much? Oh, and just in case we didn't get it the first time MacKenzie said the song reminded her of her relationship with Will, she says spells it out three more times. And then she realizes that she left her purse at work and makes Will pay for her drink, her cab home, and her cab back to work the next day. Once again, MacKenzie has failed at some of the simplest of adult tasks. Also, Sorkin? CSI owns the TV show/The Who market. Give it up.

Cut to the lawyer's room. Now MacKenzie is the one talking. She says that if a lot of things hadn't happened, Genoa wouldn't have happened either. "It was impossible to believe," MacKenzie says, "but piece by piece the evidence started coming in and suddenly it was impossible to deny. It was the biggest thing any of us had ever touched, including Charlie." Except it's not, since it wasn't actually real. But it quintupled their ratings and was "the most-viewed program in the history of cable news," MacKenzie says, so I guess it paid of pretty well! People don't stop watching news channels that get major facts wrong, from what I've seen.

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