First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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Hey look! It's Dr. Dr. Sloan, coming up behind Charlie just in time to hear him say something sexist. She's also the commissioner of this year's Fantasy Football draft, which she says is a very important elected position. Charlie points out that she ran unopposed in that election, just as she did in the election for class treasurer. "Why does it have to be like this?" Dr. Dr. Sloan asks as we see that she is, once again, the shining star of this pretty bad show. Although we're only 14 minutes into the second season so there's a chance it could get better! A chance!

Anyway, Dr. Dr. Sloan is filling in for Elliot this week, given that he's off somewhere again. He takes a lot of vacations. She wants to report on a drone strike. No one wants to listen to her.

Don wanders in and tells Maggie that her cousin is sending him a lot of spam through the evil internets. Also, he is trying to be the perfect boyfriend, which sucks for Jim, who has to listen to it. Maggie does not seem too concerned about his feelings because she is awful.

Charlie's in Will's office. The new intern stops by. It's still the woman from the beginning of the first season, who we can blame for all of this, really, and they're still calling her "the sorority girl." Will emerges from his bathroom and sends her away to research Broadway plays. Charlie wants to talk to Will about the upcoming 9/11 anniversary, and how he doesn't want Will to have anything to do with it. Elliot and Dr. Dr. Sloan get to do it instead! Will is about to be "officially condemned" in the House of Representatives, so, I guess after all of Charlie's posturing about how Will is awesome and what he's doing is awesome, he's just as quick to give in to external pressure at his bosses are.

There's also the fact that no one wants to be in the 9/11 special with Will anchoring it, including Rudy Giuliani and some 9/11 widows and first responders. Will claims that he, "Totally gets it." Except he clearly doesn't. He says he called the Tea Party the Taliban, and the Taliban didn't attack on 9/11 -- Al Qaeda did. Charlie points out, probably rightly, that the 9/11 anniversary special is not the best time to get into semantics. Will agrees to "get the flu" right before the special and not be on it. He'll have to get it pretty far in advance for them to get Rudy Giuliani and the widows back on, won't he? Also, even though Will will have the fake flu, Charlie is going to have his name removed from the broadcast entirely. I'm sure no one will notice that.

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