First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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Maggie decides to make conversation with Jim. He's clearly not as thrilled about doing that as she is, so she asks if things are brutally awkward between them. Maggie must ask that question a lot, as she's brutally awkward all the time around everyone. She says she wants to "go back to the way things were," because that would be convenient and easy. Jim's not willing. And he reminds her that since she is "staff," this conversation is "inappropriate." Oh. NOW he's drawing the professional lines. Okay. "All right. We'll try again tomorrow!" Maggie says, still not getting it. Oh, and by the way? Guess who screwed up that DSK fact-check? That's right, it was Maggie! And her response? A defiant, "I know," rather than an, "I'm sorry," or "It won't happen again." Ugh, she's somehow even more awful than last season. She can't even read Wikipedia right.

Jim heads into MacKenzie's office and volunteers to go to New Hampshire while that other guy recovers. MacKenzie doesn't see any reason for that; it's not the presidential campaign yet and no one cares what happens there. Finally, Jim yells at her that if she doesn't let him go to New Hampshire, she'll have to fire him. That's great, except that I'm pretty sure I saw this in the third season of The Office when Jim went to Stamford to get away from Pam because she rejected him for her fiancé after they kissed. Try again, Sorkin.

MacKenzie senses there is something deeper than Jim's love of New Hampshire going on. Jim points out that when MacKenzie "blew it with Will" (because remember it was all her fault and Will was perfect in every way) she went to a warzone. Jim's only going away for a few weeks and some guy named Jerry Dantana can cover for him. And Jim still hasn't figured out how to close his mouth once he's finished speaking.

Jerry Dantana is in ACN's Washington D.C. bureau, which I used to think was the better bureau except that it has this Jerry Dantana guy there bitching to Charlie about how drone strikes are happening and no one cares and they should be investigating them. "Sorry for annoying you with the news!" Jerry whines. MacKenzie calls. He's happy to hear from her, probably because he knows that her show only reports the news that people should care about but don't, so the drone strikes will be perfect there.

Will sulks, smokes pot (because weed worked out so well for him the last time, so why not try again?) and listens to Van Morrison. MacKenzie calls to yell at him for not telling her that he was taken off the 9/11 show. "Bullshit!" McKenzie says about all of this, and why can't Emily Mortimer act still? Or at least figure out how to say Sorkin dialogue in a slightly convincing way. Will claims he's fine with Charlie's decision. MacKenzie gives up.

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