First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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The next morning! Jim pulls his adorable little rental car up to the New Hampshire hotel, throws on his press pass, and runs for the reporter bus. The guy in charge smirks that the bus is "full today." Jim is confused; he can see 40 empty seats. "I wasn't wild about the American Taliban broadcast," says the guy. "You can't keep me off the bus just because you didn't like our reporting," Jim says. Okay, well, first of all, it wasn't "reporting," it was Will's opinion. And second, apparently he totally can. Did he do this to the other guy every time? It doesn't make sense that he'd just pick Jim out to do it to now. Also, I have no experience campaign reporting but I have a hard time believing a campaign would go out of its way to antagonize the press like that.

Jerry Dantana is also reporting for duty, arriving at ACN straight from his flight into NYC and not even going to his hotel first. Dedicated! Also: "You hear about the latest drone strike?" asks the guy who I'm starting to think doesn't have anything else to say. MacKenzie brings him in to meet Will, though Jerry says they've already met. MacKenzie doesn't think Will will remember that. Jerry thinks he's just that unforgettable. "We had a long talk to last time he was in D.C.," Jerry explains. Will calls him Terry and whines about how he doesn't like that Jim is gone. Then he calls him Harry. It's funny that Will is an asshole.

Undeterred, Jerry starts talking about drone strikes and how he wants to get ACN reporting on them more. Will's not interested. Jerry reminds him of their long talk that Will claims he remembers but clearly does not. It involved the difference between leading and following. Leaders talk about drone strikes nonstop, I guess.

Then Dr. Dr. Sloan runs in waving around a piece of paper and shouting "drone strike!" and Jerry is in love, even though Dr. Dr. Sloan's piece of paper is just a blank prop that she only brought in for effect. And then there's a "humorous" conversation about that that is so self-consciously clever that I don't know how anyone could find it funny but I guess this is what the Sorkin fans come for. I think it's trying too hard.

Dr. Dr. Sloan and Jerry make their case to Will that this is an Important Issue and should get a panel discussion loaded with liberals who will talk about how bad drones are and like one guy to say they're great. MacKenzie gives in and suggests one of Jim's guys for the panel, but Jerry has his own military analyst named Cyrus West he wants to use instead. MacKenzie tells him to go ahead. After she and Jerry leave Will's office, Will finally gets his name right.

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