First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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MacKenzie and Jerry head for the rundown meeting, where Maggie finds out that her precious Jim has gone to New Hampshire. Also, welcome back, other newsroom people whose names I forgot over the past year but who I do remember liking more than the "real" cast members! They suspect that something is wrong because why would Jim have to go on the Romney bus? Don doesn't want to talk about that because his time is precious. So precious that he's wasting it in a rundown meeting for a show he hasn't worked on in years now. Why do they still need his help? Oh, because Charlie wants them to do more cross-network stories and that's only possible with the EP in the meeting.

MacKenzie then proceeds to insult everyone by calling Elliot's show Will's "warm-up hour" and saying the Washington D.C. primetime show (that I still maintain is better than all of them, ever) doesn't even count as a warm-up because no one cares about D.C. She then apologizes to Jerry. And then to the rest of the Washington contingent who are currently listening in on the speaker phone. Don finds this delightful. MacKenzie is an embarrassment to everything. Those pastries look delicious!

And then they all go around the meeting with story ideas (except Maggie, who doesn't have any, because, useless) until MacKenzie gets to Neal, who says he's got a great idea. Eyes roll. Neal continues as "August 24, 2011" flashes on the screen, just in case you forgot it was the day after August 23.

Neal says that a new website was registered called Occupy Wall Street and he believes America is on the verge of its own Arab Spring. LOL. Come on. No. Please don't dirty this pitch session with your histrionics, Neal. MacKenzie tries not to laugh at him as she dismisses the meeting. Neal follows her, insisting that this Occupy Wall Street thing just might be big. Look at all the Twitter and reddit support it has! Also it is viral! And 50-100 people are showing up for its general assemblies even though the initial emails about it went to 90,000 people! Neal says OWS has one goal in mind and it is great: get money out of politics.

MacKenzie shows Neal a fax she gets every day listing the protests in just New York City. There are a lot of them. Some are topless. "You've gotta wait until something's real," MacKenzie tells him. Neal looks dejected, so MacKenzie sends him off to check out OWS's next general assembly.

Cut to the big ACN drone panel! It's Dr. Dr. Sloan's time to shine! She's clearly against drones, which is kind of weird since she's also the 10 p.m. anchor so shouldn't she not be so clearly biased? What if she has to report on drone strikes at 10 p.m.? Although I guess the 10 p.m. show gets the stories people actually want to watch, so, no drones ever. But, though -- ACN should stock its panels with people who aren't also anchors on other shows. That's just weird. Will tries to make Dr. Dr. Sloan focus on the economic argument for or against drones, asking if they're cheaper than troops. She says they are not.

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