First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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Cyrus West has finally had enough of all of this! He says no one is talking about the cost of American lives and how drones are meant to save them. Except for the times that they kill them by mistake. The ethicist asks if drones can distinguish between terrorists and goat herders. "I don't care and neither should you," Cyrus says. MacKenzie gets in Will's ear to give him points to counter Cyrus's arguments (I've got one! "Goat herders are innocent, so, yeah. We should totally care."), but Will just lets him go on and on, then goes to a commercial. MacKenzie is horrified. She first turns around to yell at Jerry for this, although I'm not sure how it's his fault. The guy gave them a counterpoint. It's not his fault that Will decided not to listen to MacKenzie today. She tells Jerry to use Jim's military analyst in the future, then shoots Charlie an accusatory glare. Although that might just be her normal expression.

Jerry tells Cyrus that he was "a little over the top" and doesn't think Cyrus will be asked back anytime soon. But Cyrus is determined to be back on the show for whatever reason so he decides to give Jerry a big story -- IF Jerry makes sure Cyrus is involved in following it. Cyrus says this is the kind of story that will "make careers and end presidencies." Jerry looks dubious. Cyrus says it's about a "black op called Genoa." Is Maggie in Uganda yet?

Will signs off for the night, throwing it to everyone's favorite anchor, Terry Smith on Capital Tonight! Will we get to see Terry this season? I hope so! Will walks off the set and is immediately attacked by MacKenzie. Literally -- she throws him against the wall. Will says he agreed with Cyrus. MacKenzie says he couldn't have agreed with the way Cyrus said it and he ignored her besides. And went to break 41 seconds early. "Sorry about that," Will says. You guys, I don't think he's very sorry. MacKenzie gives him one last shove and walks off. It wouldn't be charming if Will shoved MacKenzie around; it's not charming when she shoves him.

Oh. Good. It's Occupy Wall Street, Sorkin-style. So awesome. It's not like I didn't get enough of this when I lived in New York while it was going on which was just last year and also I was in journalism school and heard about it every freaking second. So we're at a meeting in the middle of a park with all of 20 people including Neal. Even though the woman in charge (even though no one is in charge) asks that there be no reporters or police officers present, Neal just sits there, then is shocked when the girl figures out he's a reporter. He's also wearing an ACN press pass. Idiot. Turn around and go home at this point, you failure.

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