First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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Neal asks if he can "observe" the meeting. "No journalists. No exceptions," says one guy. Neal says he can "get the word out" about their little sit-in. Another guy named "John" says they don't need his help. The woman says they're trying to make sure their message is clear before putting it in the media's hands. Okay, well, the media is at your meeting right now, so it's in their hands already. Might as well make sure they get the story right.

Neal says he read the email blast and the demand that private money is taken out of politics. The two guys who hate journalists quickly say they want more than that. No one else at the meeting can say anything because they aren't paid to have lines.

Dr. Dr. Sloan ends her night filling in for Elliot and then heads back to the office. Charlie meets her and asks if Will was "okay" during their panel thing. Dr. Dr. Sloan admits that she didn't know why Will didn't argue with anything Cyrus said or at least cut him off and let someone else speak. She thinks Will wanted to make sure everyone at home knows that Will is anti-terrorist. When Don emerges from the control room, Charlie scampers off.

Don also tries to scamper off because things are still Awkward with Dr. Dr. Sloan even though it's been two weeks since she told him she wanted him to ask her out. She clears the air, saying she only said that because she thought it was her last day. Well, yeah. Obviously. "It just sounded like a good line," she says. I'll bet Sorkin says that a lot, too. Like about every line in this and every script. Don tells her he figured she was joking. She says she was. It's somehow even more awkward now than it was before.

Even though Don clearly knows that Dr. Dr. Sloan likes him, he rubs it in her face that he has to go home to his girlfriend. I still can't understand why he's choosing Maggie over Dr. Dr. Sloan, who has two Ph.Ds and loves football and is gorgeous. Is it because she talks about drones too much?

I guess Neal didn't get kicked out of that OWS meeting, since he's now taking a walk with Shelly and talking to her about the movement. Shelly assumes that Neal's executive producer is a man, like, open your mind a little bit you stupid woman. Neal says MacKenzie wants to do this crazy thing called "waiting for the news to actually happen before reporting it," whereas he is hoping to "get in on the ground floor." You can do these things when you have the benefit of hindsight. Good job, Newsroom!

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