I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You
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It's party time in the newsroom, as Will dons a tuxedo and smokes in his office while the rest of the staff spend their New Year's Eve at work for reasons I do not understand and are not explained except for MacKenzie saying something about how Will is spending time with his "NewsNight family." Even if you did work with a bunch of people who couldn't come up with their own plans for New Year's Eve, why would you have the party in the office? How lame is that? No wonder Will doesn't want to be near them. Eternally not getting the hint, MacKenzie asks Will if he wouldn't mind giving her boyfriend a few minutes of his time so he can "share some facts" that could make for a good news story. Will agrees. MacKenzie lets Wade into the office and leaves them alone together. It turns out that Wade is an assistant US attorney focusing on financial crime. Will points out that Wade isn't doing a very good job at that. Wade says there's a reason for that.

Hey, remember when we liked Neal because he didn't talk very much, but when he did it wasn't annoying and he seemed like a semi-relatable human being? Well, now he wants everyone to know that Bigfoot is real. All the randoms we usually see in meeting room (sans the Rodney Dangerfield guy) roll their eyes and laugh at Neal. Meanwhile, they're all decked out in sequins and ties while Jim is wearing his usual work clothes and sitting at his desk, working. The randoms leave so that Maggie can come in, order Neal to stop talking, and then angrily ask Jim why he's working in the middle of a party.

Neal's new girlfriend (or not, as he says "girlfriend's a strong word" when asked because I'm sure attractive young women like this Kaylee are just lining up to date a blogger who thinks Bigfoot is real). "Get me drunk," Kaylee asks. "Done. Boom!" Neal says, quite pleased with himself. This leaves Maggie and Jim alone. Maggie offers to help Jim with his assignment but then Don arrives and Maggie has to go pretend she doesn't have feelings for her boss to the guy who used to be the boss she had feelings for.

Don claims that tonight he's going to be "Fun Don." "I love Fun Don!" Maggie says. And yet, she wants to be with Jim, whose version of Fun Jim is probably fantasizing about how he would have reported the Kennedy assassination. Maggie says she borrowed her dress from Roommate Lisa, which gives Don the idea to fix Roommate Lisa up with Jim. "Why would you unleash Lisa on Jim?" Maggie asks, not even being subtle in her desire not to share Jim with anyone else. You can bet Allison Pill does this with her usual over-acted aplomb.

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