I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You

"It's called a guilty pleasure," Date No. 3 says. Will says chocolate soufflé is a guilty pleasure. WHOA, THERE! Be careful with all that sugar. You don't want to turn into a fat woman under a hairdryer. Will likens a reality show to "human cockfighting" and a "smart, accomplished woman" like Date No. 3 is being turned "mean and insensitive" by watching such filth. "Thank goodness you met me in time," Will begins. Date No. 3 throws her drink in Will's face to shut him up. Even Glee is better at throwing drinks at people.

Maggie tells Don that Jim and Lisa's date didn't go well and there will not be another. "Jim's lying to you," Don smirks. It seems that Lisa the blabbermouth told Don of all people that she was going out with Jim again tonight. Maggie refuses to believe that Jim would lie to her. Maybe he accidentally watched a reality show and became a bitter lying mean old lady. Maggie needs an excuse to call Jim, and Don gives her one: an article on Politico about how Republican representative Spencer Bachus told The Birmingham News that "Washington is there to serve the banks." Actually, he said "my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks" and he said it in December. Nice scoop there, ACN. Maggie calls Jim immediately. While she's directing him to the month-old Politico article, Don calls Lisa. Maggie hears "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

In Jim's apartment, Jim and Lisa leap out of bed, half-dressed. Okay, why on earth would Jim answer his phone if he's in the middle of fun times with Lisa? What an idiot. Lisa grabs her phone and turns the ringer off, but it's too late. Maggie says she'll talk to Jim in the morning. I guess this old news about Bachus wasn't so important after all. "She should really change her ringtone," Don smirks, as if he should be proud of the fact that his girlfriend clearly has feelings for someone else and isn't even really trying to hide it from him. "I can't believe what you just did," Maggie says. Don refuses to be the bad guy in this situation. "At worst, I'm in fourth place," he says. I would put Jim in fourth place, since there's nothing wrong with him dating Maggie's roommate. Lisa shouldn't have gone on a second date with him knowing how Maggie feels about him (although I can understand why she'd want to, at the very least, make Maggie feel bad after how Maggie's behaved towards her) and Maggie has no right to mad at anyone except herself. And yet, she asks Don if she's "done something wrong." "No," Don says, obviously meaning "yes" but refusing to say it for some reason.

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