I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You

The next morning, Will is back in Page Six and therefore Charlie's office. Doesn't Charlie have actual work to do? Anyway, the story of Will's short date with No. 3 is told, ending in Will not leaving a tip. Will protests that he left plenty of money on the table and that this can all be explained by the fact that No. 3 is a fan of The Real Housewives. Charlie thinks it's time to issue a statement. That's only going to give more weight to Page Six. Best to ignore it, especially since a story about a drink being thrown in your face is pretty tame. Will just wants everyone to know that he tips people well.

Charlie changes the subject to Will's dating life. Will asks Charlie how many women he dated before he found "the one" (I'm assuming that's Charlie's wife, considering that he's wearing a ring). Charlie says that doesn't matter. He didn't date anyone after. Will says that's easy when "the one" doesn't cheat on you. Charlie doesn't understand why it's taking Will so long to get over MacKenzie. I'm sure the fact that he has to work with her every day now doesn't help matters. "On the off-chance that you're not going to live forever, why not take a shot at being happy now?" Charlie asks. Because MacKenzie has a boyfriend? And doesn't deserve a second chance with the guy she cheated on? And they have to work together? So many reasons.

Will tries to escape to his office, but Dr. Dr. Sloan got a copy of today's Page Six column and she is not happy to see that Will did the one thing she asked him not to. Will says he has no control over whether or not he appears in Page Six. I guess he can't stop himself from dating a different woman every night and being such a dick to them that they throw alcohol at his face? "Carrie is freaking out!" Dr. Dr. Sloan says. "Who's Carrie?" Will asks. Asshole. "She has a gun and she's going to shoot you," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. I hope she learned from her mistakes last time, then, and doesn't let Will disarm her so easily. There is then some confusion over whether or not gun-toting Carrie is like Annie Oakley or Ado Annie (Will, of course, is correct).

Will isn't done having women yell at him. MacKenzie, in the control room, asks Will to try not to date anyone in the 15 seconds before airtime. "Try not to sleep with your ex-boyfriend," Will shoots back. "He got the better of that exchange," MacKenzie admits.

And Will begins another "Stories We Missed" segment. This time it's Jim's suggestion about Obama's trip to India. Will makes sure to point out that Obama's trip to India ended up giving American $10 billion in export deals and 50,000 jobs. Any time this show wants to admit that it's a Keith Olbermann rip-off and not centrist and simply reporting the facts would be good. Will attacks the Drudge Report, Limbaugh, Beck, and Bachmann for spreading the obvious lie that Obama spent $200 million a day on his trip to India. For this, Will says they are no better than sex offenders and should be labeled as liars for the rest of their lives. Okay.

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