I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You

For some reason, after publically calling for liars to be punished like sex offenders, Will has trouble sleeping. His phone rings in the morning. It's Charlie, asking him to come to work at 11:00 even though it's a Saturday. He won't say what's going on, but something obviously is.

You'll be disgusted to know that ACN airs a "Red Carpet Roundup" on Saturday mornings. Why, that's women's news! It only belongs underneath hair-dryers! The stupid lady anchor throws the segment to another stupid lady anchor in Los Angeles and takes a seat with her Diet Coke and latest copy of TMI Magazine. The cover story? "My Night with Will McAvoy: Sex, Drugs, and Guns!!"

Jim is also at work, as are most of the rest of the NewsNight staff, having been called in by Neal for a special presentation. Yes, it turns out that Neal thought it would be a great idea to essentially trick his easily-deceived co-workers into coming to work on a Saturday morning to listen to him talk about how Bigfoot might be real. Melinda Clarke checks her phone, bored. Not bored enough to leave or better yet, not come in at all, like I see the Rodney Dangerfield guy did.

Jim speaks up to say, simply, "No." "Sometimes when Jim says 'no' what he really means is 'I'm sleeping with your roommate,'" Maggie snaps. That's awkward, but Will arrives to change the subject. Neal is surprised and, it seems, appropriately embarrassed to see him. Charlie walks in and tells Will the real meeting is in his office. He hands Will a copy of TMI as they walk in, where MacKenzie and Don are waiting. "Don's a good advisor on damage control," Charlie says. Really? ACN doesn't have its own PR team to do this kind of stuff? No one on the writing staff could think of more plausible explanations for people to be in the office on a Saturday morning than Bigfoot lectures and magazine covers? Come on.

Neal is still going on about Bigfoot. I'm guessing everyone is staying around for the free doughnuts? Or to observe whatever drama is going down between Jim and Maggie, which is heightened when Maggie accuses Jim of being a liar and he jumps up and calls her out of the room. She does, with the most petulant and childish expression on her face. Also, why does she walk like a Muppet? Grover, to be specific. With her arms hanging down and loose and her lower jaw jutting out. Maybe she's the Bigfoot Neal is convinced exists.

Jim tells whoever is on the assignment desk to go home for the day because Maggie is taking over. "Sit your ass at that desk until four o'clock," he orders. Good. She deserves that. She also deserves to get fired. What she does not deserve is the apology that follows. Jim says he only lied because he didn't want to upset Maggie. Maggie says she wouldn't have been upset. Jim says that's obviously not true, seeing as how she's upset now. Maggie claims she's only mad because Jim lied. She's screaming at this point, so Neal interrupts to inform them that everyone in the meeting room can hear this and it's interrupting/significantly improving his Bigfoot lecture.

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