I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You

Jim drags Maggie away. She continues that Jim never lied to her in the whole time they've been working together. Yeah, and? He didn't lie to her about anything work-related. Jim thinks that should be a "good feeling" for Maggie that she's upset that he lied to her, and that he lied to her about this in the first place. Maggie claims she has no idea what he's talking about. Jim says Don sure seems to.

It turns out that Carrie is married (though she's been separated for a year) and she and Will smoked pot together. When? The subject didn't come up until they got back to Will's apartment. Are we to assume that they smoked up AFTER Will was repulsed by Carrie's gun-toting ways? Will says that Carrie was just jealous because Will dated someone else the day after her, and went to Nina Howard who had her own axe to grind. Don and Charlie seem to find this all entertaining, so it falls to MacKenzie to be serious and not fun, as usual. She says Will's behavior could undermine everything they've accomplished so far, which is nothing.

Charlie says Will is going to go on ACN's crappy morning show full of lady news. Will refuses, saying they shouldn't humor News Corp., which is obviously out to get him. Charlie points out that News Corp. doesn't own TMI -- AWM does. And then he has a brainstorm! He asks Will about his $4,000 tuxedo. Will says he didn't actually buy it off the rack. He just said he did because he's uncomfortable about the fact that he makes more money than Charlie does. The tuxedo was actually custom-made for him. So why would Will making more money than Charlie even come into it, since he didn't pay for the tuxedo at all? Charlie says he has one of those, too -- it was a Christmas gift from Leona. Leona knew that Will's tuxedo was custom-made and cost $4,000 because she's the one who gave it to him and therefore she's the one who planted it in Page Six. Leona is trying to make Will look bad.

Will asks why she'd do that. Charlie has to inform him that Leona told him she would do this if Will continued to rant about the Tea Party. And then we get a flashback to the scene that happened all of one episode ago, because this show knows that we're either asleep now or were then, so it might as well repeat itself. Needless to say, Will does not appreciate being left in the dark about this. Charlie says he should have told him, but he's been drunk since February so he kept forgetting to. Charlie says Will has "clay feet" and he was afraid Will would bow under Leona's pressure. So he just set him up to be publically humiliated instead. Nice, Charlie.

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