I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You

MacKenzie would rather discuss something much more important: MacKenzie. She wants to know why Will had that non-compete clause in his contract in the first place. Will admits that he had to agree to it when he re-negotiated his contract. MacKenzie storms out. Will follows her, because it's all about her and not, you know, the fact that Will is on the cover of TMI and NewsNight's morals or whatever the hell have been compromised and that the CEO of the channel's owning company is actively campaigning to have Will fired.

MacKenzie leaves the privacy of Will's office to yell, in front of everyone, "Jesus CHRIST how much do you hate me?!" She says that she has moved on since she cheated on him and she'll move on from this show if need be. Will shrugs and says that's fine with him. They go back into Will's office to discuss it. Why discuss it in Will's office? Surely something this personal is best taken care of in earshot of as many people as possible.

Maggie sees something on the news alert screen. As Jim watches, her eyes bug out and she runs into Will's office while freaking Coldplay starts up. At least "Fix You" is a slightly more modern song than Radiohead, but still so overused. Although I guess this show has to resort to it because it doesn't seem capable of getting an emotional reaction from its audience otherwise. MacKenzie runs out of the office after MacKenzie, and Jim gives his co-workers a "heads up!" Thus ends Neal's presentation. And the rest of the crew must be just thrilled that they came in to work on a weekend and are now forced to pull serious overtime working on a breaking news story: Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head.

Everyone picks up a phone (in some cases, more than one) and furiously calls around to find out information. Except for Neal, who turns off his Bigfoot PowerPoint presentation because it just doesn't seem that important anymore. And then Sloan wanders into work because, again, these people apparently have nothing better to do with their weekends. Neal announces that the shooter is in custody. Charlie stares out into space.

Horrible women's news gets interrupted for something substantial and important.

MacKenzie walks into the control room as the horrible women's news monitors switch over to coverage of the shooting. MacKenzie gasp-sobs.

A random woman we've never seen before hands Will his latest wardrobe, fresh from the dry cleaner. Will does not drama out on opening it (unlike he did in the pilot) and takes his seat behind the desk, only to find a copy of TMI magazine. He violently tosses it away and goes on the air. Such things are no longer meaningful now that Real News is happening.

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