I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You

Roommate Lisa, who, if you'll recall, usually dates men who steal drugs out of medicine cabinets, walks into the party and seems to be friendly with Maggie's co-workers (or at least with the one who looks like Melinda Clarke). Maybe she's a frequent guest? It seems like ACN will let anyone in to watch broadcasts from anywhere (boyfriends, dates, etc.), so why not? Roommate Lisa is sad to be single on New Year's Eve, but Maggie tells her not to worry, as the dress she's wearing "sends a message loud and clear." "I look slutty?" Lisa asks. Maggie says no even though that's obviously what she meant. Don says Lisa does look slutty, but "in the best way." And then Lisa's phone rings and we find out that her ringtone is "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" "I like Rod Stewart," Lisa explains. No, Lisa, you don't. No one under the age of 45 does.

Don tells Lisa that her problems are over because he found her a date. "Is it another loser that doesn't have a date on New Year's Eve?" Lisa asks. No, it's a winner with four dates on New Year's Eve. "He's a huge loser!" Maggie screams. Both Roommate Lisa and Don find Maggie's insistence that some guy is a huge loser to be interesting and weird. "She works in fashion, Don," Maggie insult-explains; "no offense, Lis." Lisa claims she isn't offended, but she probably is because the actress playing Lisa is not playing her as stupid as I guess she's supposed to be. In fact, Lisa seems smarter, more fun to hang out with, and much more interesting than Maggie. Then again, she might just be high on all of Maggie's Xanax that she regularly steals from the medicine cabinet. Lisa appears to know something about the Greek debt crisis (that there is a country named Greece and it's in so much debt that there is a crisis) when asked, so Don deems her suitable for Jim's great intellect. He points Jim out to Lisa, who wonders why Jim is working in the middle of a party. "He has a job," Maggie snaps. Don says that's a plus compared to the men Lisa usually dates.

Okay, let's look at how much Lisa's life sucks right now. She lives with a woman who clearly thinks she's an idiot because she doesn't watch the NEWS all the time and has a job in fashion instead of working as an associate producer of a crappy cable news show, a position she only got because one boss forgot who she was and her other boss promoted her before she realized how terribly unqualified and bad at her job Maggie is. Her roommate's boyfriend constantly makes references to her sexual promiscuity and choice of boyfriends. And just when she's trying to relax and have a nice evening at home, her roommate calls her from work in the middle of a panic attack so Lisa can calm her down while at the same time listen to accusations that her boyfriends steal Xanax. Lisa is the tragic figure of The Newsroom.

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