I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You

Don tells Lisa what Jim's name is, which causes Lisa to stare at Maggie, having heard Jim's name before and clearly having some idea that Maggie would not want her to date him and why. Lisa kindly defers, saying she doesn't really want to be fixed up right now and that she's not Jim's type anyway. Don is determined to make this work and drags her over to Jim. Don calls Jim by the nickname he gave him at some point in the last six months we didn't get to see because this show went through them in one episode: Jimmy Olsen. Jim is so lame that his only problem with being called Jimmy Olsen is that the Jimmy Olsen of Superman fame was a photojournalist and Jim is a senior producer of television news. Don shushes him and introduces him to Lisa, saying she went to Parsons and works in a "very high-end boutique." Sounds to me like Lisa is a great catch! Much better than Maggie. Don leaves them alone and drags Maggie away. Maggie manages to grab Tess as she walks past, whisper-shouting at her to "kill me, kill me now, do it now!" because apparently the idea of having to be with her boyfriend of ten months on New Year's Eve is that painful to her. "Huh?" Tess asks, then just shrugs and walks away because she's probably used to Maggie's insanity by now.

Wade tells Will about how the new GOP-led Congress slashed his office's budget, making it difficult to investigate financial evil-doers. MacKenzie walks in with flutes of champagne for everyone and tells us what we just heard from Wade. Wade whines that for every one of him, the banks have 20 lawyers and a lot more money they can use to drag any litigation out. MacKenzie then calls Wade "honey." Big mistake. Will objects and sends Wade away so he can talk to MacKenzie alone.

As soon as Wade is gone, Will accuses MacKenzie of trying to help her boyfriend persuade Will to lay off him and his ineffective co-workers. MacKenzie denies this, of course, innocently claiming that Wade was just giving Will a good idea for a story. "I've got a staff of paid professionals," Will says. Yeah, they're awesome. Maggie should have been fired eight times by now and Jim can't get a scoop unless his roommate and his sister happen to work for the companies being reported on. Will clearly has a problem with Wade's current status as MacKenzie's boyfriend, which MacKenzie tries to turn back on Will by accusing him of having a "Netflix queue" of ladies who are divorced and have fake boobs. Way to judge, MacKenzie. I didn't hear Will insulting your stupid boyfriend.

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