I'll Try To Fix You

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I'll Try To Lecture You

Sarah Palin is back on NewsNight! This time, however, Will is not defending her. He's lumping her in with Glenn Beck, an NRA guy (who MacKenzie notes is probably one of the craziest people in politics before reminding Will to "let the facts speak for themselves"), and Rush Limbaugh because they all warned that Obama would try to take our guns away from us. This lead to an increase in gun sales despite the fact that an anti-gun lobby gave Obama all Fs on its Gun Control Report Card. Will says Palin, Beck, the NRA, and Limbaugh are lying to the American public and he, sadly, doesn't know why. Well, how about because one of Obama's campaign promises was to repeal the Tiahrt Amendment? Maggie wanders into the control room and listens as Will reads what I'm guessing is her copy, based on the use of the word "freaking" in it. You know who never said "freaking?" Murrow. Cronkite. Dan Rather might have, but he's clearly insane, as he's writing those ridiculously positive reviews of this show.

Roommate Lisa gets ready for her hot date with Jim. Maggie assures her that she's fine with Lisa dating Jim because she loves Don. Lisa doesn't believe her, and her nervousness about the date isn't about Maggie anyway -- she's worried Jim will think she's dumb. Maggie seems horrified that Lisa would ever think such a thing even though she's partially responsible for why Lisa feels this way in the first place. "You're not dumb. You go out with guys who make you feel dumb," Maggie says. She also lives with women who make her feel dumb. "Jim's not like that," Maggie says. Except that he is. He's smug and horrible just like everyone else on this show. Just when we think that Lisa maybe isn't dumb, it turns out that her skirt is on backwards. By the way, Lisa and Maggie's apartment is really nice and new and spacious and has central air, so that explains why Maggie can only just barely afford to share a one bedroom on an associate producer's salary.

Will is also on a date, although he and Kathryn Hahn, who should have known better, are now at his apartment. Kathryn Hahn leaves to change out of her wet clothes, telling Will he can get a joint out of her pocketbook. Will decides that that sounds like a good idea and does so, only to find a small handgun. Wow, her purse must be heavy with that thing in there. Will takes it out and asks Carrie (for this is finally revealed to be her name) why she's carrying a gun. "I'm a Southern liberal, dude," Carrie says. Will removes the bullets and hands it back to her. "Here's the thing," he starts. Uh oh. Carrie already knows what's coming and says she supports guns because they will defend her from being raped. She points the gun at Will to make that point. Will knocks the handle out of her hand, flips the gun, catches it, and points it at her. Jeff Daniels hasn't been this macho since he blow-torched a bunch of spiders in Arachnophobia. Carrie says she's kind of turned on right now.

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