News Night 2.0

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After the longest opening credits in the business, we open in Will's giant apartment. It's sparsely furnished except for the four giant TVs in his dining room, each showing a different news channel. Will's cleaning woman dusts them while Will looks through dossiers of his staff members, which include photos to make them easier for him to recognize. And then part of his ceiling comes crashing down on his dining room table, almost killing him. "New neighbors," the cleaning woman says, pointing at the ceiling. Are the new neighbors are playing a basketball game above him? You'd think that he'd be able to afford a place with sturdier ceilings and better soundproofing, but maybe he had to scale down after he took that million-dollar pay cut.

Will goes to work. MacKenzie is setting up her new office. She's very excited about her first real day on the job. Will comments that his mostly-new staff is "very young," but MacKenzie doesn't think that's a problem. "What they lack in experience they make for in inexperience," she non-explains. "They don't know how to do things badly yet." It turns out that you don't need much experience to suck at stuff. Just ask Maggie. What Will really wants to discuss with MacKenzie is their prior relationship and what to tell the rest of the staff about it. Will would prefer to go with "nothing." MacKenzie promises him that she will keep her mouth shut.

Will and MacKenzie head into the morning pitch meeting. Hey -- who's that old bald dude in the back? So much for MacKenzie's young, inexperienced staff. MacKenzie and Will bicker over what should be tonight's opening story. Will thinks they should lead with the oil spill, as the rig recently sank and that will look awesome on TV, but MacKenzie says "we don't do good television, we do the news." Yes... god forbid we should try to do good television. This show, for instance. Clearly it has loftier goals than being good television.

MacKenzie welcomes the staff to the first pitch meeting of what she calls "News Night 2.0." Do we still say "2.0?" I didn't think so, but this does take place IN THE PAST so perhaps Sorkin is being time period-appropriate. No, wait, calling something "2.0" was lame even two years ago. Maybe it was cool ten years ago, which is when Sorkin probably wrote this script, intending to spin-off The West Wing. Also, what is Neal doing in this meeting? Isn't he just Will's blogger? Which I'm not sure how that's a real full-time job in the first place?

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