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Women Screw Up Again!
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It's time for another episode of NewsNight! Except, as I'm only now finding out, it's actually News Night. I've been doing it wrong this entire time! As the credits roll, Will gets a phone call and decides to see who it's from, because 10 seconds before you go on the air is a great time for that. Why would he even have his phone there at all? But it's a good thing he did, because the call is from his father, who I'd always assumed was dead. Will sends it to voicemail after two rings, just like all those men always do to Maggie.

Will opens the newscast with the Trayvon Martin shooting death investigation, because it's suddenly March 16, 2012, and we've skipped over six months. Six months! You're telling me they couldn't think of any stories to cover between October 2011 and March 2012? Nothing more about Occupy Wall Street, which is now basically over?

In the newsroom, Kendra gets a breaking news alert, but it's about Syria and bombs so no one cares. Maggie brings it to MacKenzie and Jim anyway, telling them the two bombs are the work of rebels, then admitting to Jim that she's just guessing. Good job, Maggie. Three years she's been doing this now and she's learned nothing? I learned more in the six months of journalism school I was attending in those six months Sorkin just skipped over than Maggie's learned in a lifetime.

MacKenzie tells Maggie to set up a spot for the Syria news (which, by the way, happened on March 17, so AMAZING job by News Night getting that footage from the future!), only to watch as Will stumbles a little when introducing the next speaker. She makes fun of him, and he tells her that he's distracted because his dad just called him "like he fucking doesn't know where I'm at at eight o'clock?" And then asks the control room to switch off his feed before they have to hear any more of it or it is "accidentally" leaked online.

Speaking of things that were accidentally leaked online, Reese found some naked photos of Dr. Dr. Sloan. Charlie insists that they aren't real and someone must have photoshopped them. Reese says that's not likely since she's wearing the same necklace in the photos as she's wearing now. And that's probably the only thing she's wearing in those photos. Also, Reese took the photos to like three experts who all agreed they're the real thing. Dr. Dr. Sloan admits that they're real.

Charlie gets a phone call and leaves, probably pleased with the timing. He tells his assistant to "take him somewhere," referring to a mysterious unseen guest, then returns to his office, where Dr. Dr. Sloan is explaining that she was "seeing a man over Christmas." Charlie tells her she doesn't have to explain herself, but Reese says he needs to know that there aren't more photos out there. Dr. Dr. Sloan says there probably are.

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