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Women Screw Up Again!

Dr. Dr. Sloan walks out of the newsroom, exchanging a high-five/handshake with Charlie as he walks in. Aw.

Someone from the NAACP tells Will that Trayvon's murder was obviously racially motivated, based on what she just heard on the 911 call. Man, it's rough that Maggie has to get fired this way, but I don't see how she can't be. That's what happened to the people at NBC when they did this, right?

Charlie calls MacKenzie into the hall. He shows her what Shep gave him: the manifest from one of the Operation Genoa helicopters. MacKenzie recognizes everything on it except for something called "MX76." Charlie thinks that's the sarin gas. "We dropped sarin. This is a true story," he says. "It happened and we're gonna prove it." MacKenzie asks Charlie where he got the list, but Charlie just shakes his head. I'm not sure if Charlie's actually shaking his head or Sam Waterston is just being extra head-shaky today. Also, I must admit I'm curious to see how or why Shep lead Charlie astray like this. Maybe Operation Genoa was real but only dropped white phosphorous?

Neal runs up to Maggie and tells her that he's been transcribing the Zimmerman 911 call and he noticed that Maggie cut out the operator's question about Trayvon Martin's race and only used Zimmerman's answer. It takes Maggie a while to realize why this is a problem. She runs to MacKenzie and Charlie. We don't hear what she says, but the reaction is Charlie angrily turning away and MacKenzie face-palming.

MacKenzie finally gets back to Jesse to tell him that his segment's been cut because Will needs extra time to apologize for screwing up the 911 call. "We had a badly edited tape," she says. I'm disappointed we didn't get to see the part where Maggie was fired on the spot for what she did, but overall happy that it happened. It must have happened. Right?

Jesse assumes he's being bumped because she found out about his closet-exiting plans. MacKenzie says it's not, but he doesn't believe her and threatens to tweet about what MacKenzie and News Night did. MacKenzie pooh-poohs this, telling him to make sure he blames Will so he can get maximum traction.

"Why are you acting like such a bitch?" Jesse asks. MacKenzie is annoyed now. She says that yes, she was going to drop his segment because he was planning to come out, and that's not what News Night is all about. Only Will's whims may be indulged on News Night! "He's not Maury Povich!" MacKenzie adds, like that's the same thing. Maury Povich is a freakshow. Jesse wants to tell the world that he's gay. I don't understand why MacKenzie is making this comparison.

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