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Women Screw Up Again!

Jesse insists that he's coming out on his own terms, which Tyler never could. Except that he did. To his parents. Before he left for college. This has been well-documented. "You're full of shit," MacKenzie tells him. "You want to be a D-lister and that's it. You want to get on stage. And you want to call him 'Tyler' even though you told me you didn't know him so you can bathe in his reflected tragedy." Yes. Unlike News Night, which isn't using Clementi's death for attention at all. Or Newsroom. Or Aaron Sorkin, whose name is on the credits like 18 times.

"Fuck you, Jesse, that kid killed himself because his privacy was stolen. And you think you're honoring him by tweeting about coming out in front of a million and a half strangers?" MacKenzie concludes: "I'll put up color bars before I'll put you in front of our cameras." That seems harsh. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't get what her problem is. Jesse doesn't seem like that much of a famewhore to me, and, again, coming out on TV isn't exactly a desperate plea for attention. Jesse says he thought this was a way for him to come out to his parents without having to be in front of them to see their reactions. "Good luck with that," MacKenzie says. She might be feeling a little bad because she tries to "help" by telling Jesse about the "it gets better" videos. Yes, I heard that that disgusting famewhore Ellen DeGeneres made one. What a monster she is. "How would you know?" Jesse snaps. "I guess I wouldn't. Take it easy!" MacKenzie says.

On her way out, she tells Jesse that she knows people who have "relationships" with audiences, like Will. She thinks those relationships should only be one-night stands. "They don't feel about you the way you want them to," she says. "You were gonna get killed. I did you a favor." Uh, yeah. Such a favor, with the "fuck you" and the "Maury Povich" dig. I'm still not sure why she thinks Jesse would've gotten "killed." Most times when people come out, it's seen as brave and it makes for good viral videos. I think Jesse would've been fine. Not sure how he'll take her and her show's rather cruel rejection.

MacKenzie heads back into the control room. Martin and Jim are there, and the Kouris are on the line. Remember them? Trapped under a building in Syria? MacKenzie puts them on the speaker phone and notes that Syrians rarely say "thank god," which Mr. Kouri said soon into his first interaction with Jim. Also, no one with the last name "Kouri" is registered at the W in Manhattan and there's no cell phone signal in the area of the bombings because they took a cell phone tower down with the buildings. Also, they unblocked the phone numbers and traced them to some guy named "Stewart" who is about to be arrested. I'm not sure what for. Is prank calling a crime now? Was it in March 2012? Martin picks up the phone. "Baba-Booey, motherfuckers!" he Howard Sterns, hanging up. Love Martin and that line but that wasn't much payoff for all that build up. "Tonight we take care of all family business," MacKenzie says smugly, just before preparing for the next segment of her show, in which it apologizes for its tremendous fuck-up. By the way, how long has Will been going on and on about that racist 911 call with the woman from the NAACP while his staff knows that the tape was edited misleadingly now? Immediate retractions for Simon Weingarden, heels dragged for George Zimmerman. World Net Daily is scum, News Night is pure and shan't be sullied by famewhores. I see.

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