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Women Screw Up Again!

Analysts meet and analyze things. Dr. Dr. Sloan walks in. "Kathy told me to come back," she says. So, Kathy's fired. She asks "Scott" if they can talk for a second. Scott smirks and approaches Dr. Dr. Sloan, who kicks him in the balls. He just stands there and lets her punch him in the face. He collapses to the ground covered in blood, so, that's hilarious. Dr. Dr. Sloan snaps a photo of him with her phone. "I made it to the rage phase," she says. Yes. Causing someone physical pain (and breaking his nose with your bare hands while somehow not hurting your own hand) is definitely an even trade for the entire world having access to your sex photos.

Are we supposed to be rooting for Dr. Dr. Sloan here? What Scott did was awful and he deserves to be punished for it, but physical violence is wrong. It was wrong when Shelly punched Neal, it's wrong with MacKenzie shoves Will up against a wall, and it's wrong when Dr. Dr. Sloan smashes a man's face and also his testicles. It's also disappointing that this was the best Dr. Dr. Sloan could come up with. I thought she was smarter than that.

Dr. Dr. Sloan walks away. Scott follows, but of course he's not going to attack her because that would be scary and not funny. Women hitting men = comedy gold! Men hitting women = terrible, terrible. Fortunately, Don appears and blocks Scott from following Dr. Dr. Sloan. "No no," he simply says. Phew!!! Good job having that man there to protect you when things got real, Dr. Dr. Sloan.

Jim asks Maggie what happened. Maggie insists that the mistake was simply because she had so little time to prepare the tape and she wasn't thinking. "You weren't trying to see justice done?" Jim asks. Maggie snarls that she doesn't think she should be disciplined by a guy who gave away an interview with Romney to save Hallie's job. Also, she thinks he is gross for defending Hallie's column. Actually, Maggie, Jim can discipline you for screwing up on the job because he is your boss. Or he was your boss. He isn't anymore, since you are obviously fired. "I never remotely prepared for this scenario," she says. Also, she's afraid to sleep alone at night so she hooks up with random men, like sleeping with virtual strangers isn't scary at all. Jim just mutters a "yeah." Why does no one even raise his voice at this horrible woman? She screws up all the time and she's a liability for News Night and they just pat her on the back and wait for it to happen again. And then they're surprised when it does.

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