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Women Screw Up Again!

MacKenzie meets with Will during yet another commercial break. She tells him to apologize but "make it brief," as "a full mea culpa isn't needed." And then he'll play the call in its entirety. Will asks about Dr. Dr. Sloan. MacKenzie says she's fine and even put herself back on Elliot's show. From wanting to die to wanting to go on TV in less than an hour! Good work, Dr. Dr. Sloan. Hope you aren't arrested for assault before showtime! Please don't turn Elliot's show into Maury Povich. Will seems kind of quiet, so MacKenzie decides to fill the silence with statistics on how likely it is that Will's dad will be fine. "He died," Will tells her. HA! Great timing, Will.

Needless to say, MacKenzie is shocked. Will says it happened about 12 minutes ago. He called his dad like he told her he would and his sister answered the phone and told him. He assures MacKenzie that "it's all right," so she heads back into the control room for the final segment of the show.

Will comes back from the break and … just sits there. MacKenzie asks if he's okay. He just sits there. Hmm. I guess it wasn't such a great idea for Will to call home during the show after all. MacKenzie orders to go to commercial, but there isn't one. She asks if they can cut to Terry Smith early. YES!!!! IT'S TERRY SMITH'S TIME TO SHINE! FINALLY! Oh, wait, no – he (or she) isn't at the desk. No! I've been waiting a season and a half for this moment!

So MacKenzie talks to Will again, and this time he snaps out of it. Jeff Daniels is a good actor who deserves a better show. "Well I guess it's just us, now," he tells the audience. Yeah, BuzzFeed just posted like five articles about that weird two minute pause we just saw on News Night and Pepper Burk tweeted 80 times and god knows what World Net Daily wrote but Will totally recovered, so, no worries. That wasn't weird at all!

Will finally snaps back to reality and says ACN has an important correction to make. Let's end there.

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