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Women Screw Up Again!

And there goes that female character! Not that taking naked photos is wrong or anything, but in this day and age, especially if you're any kind of celebrity, it's stupid. Stupid to trust some guy you've only been seeing for a few weeks not to show them off to his friends and stupid to trust that they won't get hacked somehow. Of course, that doesn't stop some people from doing it (coughcoughAllisonPillcoughcough and also possibly Olivia Munn) and it doesn't mean they deserve those photos to get out there without their permission, but it still shows a real lack of forethought that seems inconsistent with Dr. Dr. Sloan's character. I don't get it.

While Will interviews a military guy about the Robert Bales slaughter, the control room gets footage of Syria. MacKenzie tells Jim to go write some copy. Instead, he marches over to Maggie's desk and asks her what she's doing right now. She says she's waiting for the George Zimmerman 911 call tape to come in. Jim heads over to Tess and tells her to write the copy instead, even though Tess says that as of now, they don't know how many people died. Somewhere between 15 and 100. Go with that!

And then Martin, who has apparently being dealing with some issues these past six months and has really messy hair and hasn't shaved in days, tells Jim he has a Syrian woman on the phone. She's staying on the W Hotel in New York right now, but her husband is trapped in the rubble of one of the bombed buildings in Damascus. Jim talks to her. She says she has her husband on the other line and he's kind of upset because no one is coming to rescue him and he's dying. Jim asks to speak to Mr. Kouri, who says "thank god" when he hears Jim's voice. Jim pauses for a second then introduces himself.

Jim returns to the control room and tells MacKenzie that he has a couple on the phone who are hoping some international news coverage of the bombing victims will get Mr. Kouri help sooner. He mentions that Mr. Kouri said "thank god." "You want to let me do some good?" he asks. "Just be right," MacKenzie says.

Will goes to commercial and decides to give his dad a call back. Don't these people need to, like, focus on the task at hand here? The all-important news? By the time MacKenzie gets to Will's desk, he's already found out that his dad didn't call him after all. It was the guy who called the ambulance for his dad after he collapsed. Will's calling Nebraska to talk to the hospital that admitted his father. MacKenzie is very concerned. Will's acting like he isn't.

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