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Women Screw Up Again!

And then Neal walks in to ask Will about "something someone posted on Twitter," because that's definitely something that needs to be addressed in the middle of a commercial break while your boss is on the phone with someone. Will gets off the phone with the hospital, which readily gives up patient information as long as you tell it that you're the patient's son, saying he'll call back to talk to his father once the show is over. He assures MacKenzie that his father, who apparently had some kind of heart attack, is doing fine and responding to medication.

He turns his focus to, as MacKenzie describes it, "some bullshit on Twitter." "@PepperBurk" tweeted something, Neal says. Will asks who Pepper Burk is. MacKenzie says if it's not an emergency, then she doesn't care and Neal should "clear the studio." Which is totally correct! Neal should not be bothering Will with Twitter fights in the middle of his show. He leaves, and MacKenzie urges Will to call his father before the show ends. How about you butt out, MacKenzie? Surely you know that Will's father was abusive. Everyone knows that! Even Charlie, before he'd ever had a conversation with Will, knew that.

Dr. Dr. Sloan tells Reese and Charlie that a consultant for AIG she'd been dating for about six weeks booked a hotel room for Christmas Eve with her, because who doesn't want to spend Christmas Eve in a hotel room with a guy she's been dating for just six weeks? Charlie would rather that they stopped talking about this, but she keeps going, explaining that she bought the guy a camera for Christmas, they were drunk, and he asked her to pose for him. That was fun until last night, when she broke up with him and he got his revenge.

Because he doesn't understand how the internet works, Charlie asks if they can get an injunction to have the pictures removed. They cannot. He asks if they can sue the ex-boyfriend for defamation. They cannot. Copyright? Nope. Dr. Dr. Sloane says she's supposed to go on TV in two hours. "You're trending number one," Reese says. "What do you want to do?"

Jim asks Neal to unblock a phone number for him. Neal says he told him to do it himself, but obviously Jim never paid attention to him then. Neal gets stuck doing it for him.

And Maggie is taking an online IQ test! But she's already lost 30 points by using Internet Explorer as her web browser. I hope computer security wasn't important to ACN! To prove to us that Maggie is so smart, Sorkin has her answer two questions correctly and then squint to try to figure out the third (by the way, it was "Guru Rug") when the 911 call is finally posted. She starts downloading it, but that's going to take a while. Maggie basically asks Jim to find something else to do while they're waiting and stop standing over her shoulder.

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