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Women Screw Up Again!

Meanwhile, Neal offhandly mentions to Don that there's an organization called the "Righteous Daughters of Jihadi Excellence." Don laughs, then realizes something and asks Neal what context the Righteous Daughters of Jihadi Excellence was used in. Neal says that World Net Daily is reporting that some guy named Simon Weingarden was paid to speak to them. Neal makes fun of World Net Daily, which I was going to defend until I saw the names of some of its columnists. You're on your own, publishers of Ann Coulter. Don says that in this case, World Net Daily's source is Don. "I need to make a call," he says, running off.

Don is so unmoored by everything that he doesn't even turn his light on when he gets back in his office. He calls someone named "Phillip" and leaves a message on his voicemail telling him to call him back ASAP. He hangs up and is startled to see (inasmuch as one can see in that dark office) Dr. Dr. Sloan sitting in the corner of the room. She says her officemate was in her office, so she snuck into Don's to be alone. Oh, and now she has to act and say ridiculous lines about her officemate's Bassett Hound. Olivia Munn, god bless her, does her very best. She's better than Emily Mortimer, at least. Then she tearfully tells Don she never saw "this coming." Her ex-boyfriend was a "really nice guy" she "totally trusted." Don figures there's something wrong.

Jim is still standing over Maggie waiting for the download. It's taking forever. Maggie attributes that to every media outlet ever trying to download it at the same time. While they're waiting, she tells Jim that she read Hallie's column about Sandra Fluke, and "that chick can write." Jim says he'll be sure to tell Hallie that, so I guess they're seeing each other? Maggie wants to know how Hallie knows who Maggie is, like it's so weird that Jim would talk about his co-workers with another journalist.

And then Maggie gets mean, saying that Hallie is "on fire" about Sandra Fluke, much like everyone else with his or her "phony outrage." Jim pointedly changes the subject back to the 911 call. Maggie changes it back to Hallie and how she keeps writing about Sandra Fluke and how much she hates white men. Jim says Hallie's beat is women's issues and this is what's in the news now. Maggie blames that on people like Hallie who keep writing about it.

And then, because Maggie is, like, stalking Hallie, she shows Jim how her blog post about Fluke was picked up by the Huffington Post. Jim says Hallie was "very happy about that." Yeah, no. No legitimate journalist is "happy" that Huffington Post lifts his content and puts it on its own site without paying for it. Also, Maggie points out that Hallie's "We Are All Sandra Fluke" post is buried amongst numerous posts about sideboobs and celebrity nipple slips. The 911 call is now 17 percent downloaded.

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