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Women Screw Up Again!

Neal is called back into the studio when Will's on a commercial break. Will really wants to know what the "Twitter problem" was, and quickly before MacKenzie sees Neal and kicks him out again. Neal says that NY Post reporter Pepper Burk tweeted that Will was rude to her at a restaurant. So rude, in fact, that she somehow tweeted way more than 140 characters about it. Will angrily says that some woman said hello to him at the restaurant and he said hello back. Then MacKenzie comes in to regulate but Will is up in arms over this Twitter thing, especially when Neal tells him that BuzzFeed picked it up, like Will would have any idea what BuzzFeed even is, especially back in March 2012. He says they'll "compose a response" during the next commercial break. MacKenzie is not happy about that. Neal isn't, either, saying that he works for two people but doesn't get paid twice as much.

He leaves, and MacKenzie bends over Will's desk to Get Serious. "Nothing bad is going to happen if you're kind to him right now," she says. But if Will is not nice to his father and his father dies, then Will will regret it forever. Maybe Will's dad can regret beating his family forever first? Why should Will be the bigger person here? To get MacKenzie to leave him alone, he says he'll call his father and leave a message during the next break. And then he goes back on the air.

MacKenzie finds Neal in the hallway. He says he should compose a Twitter response from Will to Pepper Burk, but MacKenzie says she'll have to become famous in her own right by doing something or sleeping with someone, which is how Sorkin imagines most women become famous. Neal says he has a more pressing Twitter issue that MacKenzie might actually be interested in. He was looking at people tweeting "#newsnight" and found one from News Night's makeup room. Whatever it is, it upsets MacKenzie so much that she informs Neal that even though this isn't his fault, she hates him for it anyway.

Charlie lets his weird friend, "Shep," into his office. He reveals that he's the "press liaison for the ONI." I'm guessing ONI is the Office of Naval Intelligence here. They fight over whether or not Shep is a secret agent (Charlie insists that he is, Shep insists that he isn't) and then have drinks. Charlie doesn't understand why Shep doesn't want ACN to report about a secret computer center in Utah that will hold "yottabytes" of data. Charlie explains that a yottabyte is a whole lotta bytes. But he still doesn't see why the ONI would care if they revealed its location and purpose or not. Man, I just can't wait for the Newsroom episode about the NSA reveal. It's going to be awesome. Yep. Sigh.

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