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Women Screw Up Again!

Shep also says that we don't have to worry about a world-ending attack from North Korea anymore – it will all come down to a disgruntled kid who hacks into the grid and causes everything to shut down, dams to break, and gas pipelines to explode. "How's Nancy?" he then asks. Charlie says that Nancy, who I'm guessing is his wife, is "finishing up a book on Jackson." He doesn't say if she's writing it or just reading it, or if it's about Andrew Jackson or Michael Jackson. Charlie's daughter, Sophie, is in college, majoring in philosophy. Whoops.

And then Shep reveals the real reason for his visit: to discuss Dantana's Operation Genoa investigation, which has now taken seven months and I still don't care about it because we already know it'll turn out not to be real.

Dr. Dr. Sloan regales Don with a joke about lions, zebras, giraffes, and frogs. Don laughs politely. Dr. Dr. Sloan says she's going to have to tell her parents about everything soon, since her father Googles her every morning and that is not the way you want your father to find out about this. No, the way you want your father to find out about this is to tell him that the photos are fake and his little girl does not pose nude for asshole ex-boyfriends. Deny everything when it comes to your dad and sex photos. Don thinks Daddy Dr. Dr. Sloan will understand. "This is who I am now," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. Enh, I think people will forget or move on at some point. But for now, yes, just about everyone who watches Dr. Dr. Sloan will think about how he saw her naked on the internets.

Don just wants to know how Dr. Dr. Sloan could be going out with someone for so long without Don knowing. Um. It's been seven or eight months since he broke up with Maggie, right? Why hasn't he made a move on Dr. Dr. Sloan yet? She's obviously interested. But she just exposits that she met the ex at a Forbes party and didn't think their breakup was particularly bad. Then Dr. Dr. Sloan says she's feeling "so intensely something" but isn't sure what that feeling is, because a 30-something woman on this show doesn't understand her own feelings. Don suggests it's rage. Dr. Dr. Sloan asks him to take her off Elliot's show tonight because she doesn't think she deserves to interview the Chancellor of the Exchequer now that people have seen her naked.

Don jumps up and calls Phillip again about the World Net Daily article that reported erroneous information about a guy who's apparently in the running to be the solicitor general. He leaves another voicemail message and sits back down with Dr. Dr. Sloan, who says she doesn't feel rage but wouldn't mind if she did since that's much more fun than humiliation. Don can't tell her how long it'll take for her to switch from humiliation to rage; it took Germany 15-20 years but Wile E. Coyote does it in less than a second. They sit in silence for a bit until Dr. Dr. Sloan whispers that she wants to die. She should just settle for cutting off all her hair and dying it red, like Maggie.

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