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Women Screw Up Again!

In the newsroom, Tess and Martin are on the Syria call and the 911 call is 68 percent downloaded. So Maggie decides to rant again. She wants to know what's so wrong with being called a slut. Having casual sex with lots of different men is okay with Maggie as long as it's consensual. Maggie announces that she likes sex and so does the majority of people in this country.

With that, Jim decides to mansplain to Maggie that she should drink vodka because its odor is less detectable and also he noticed that she's wearing the same clothes she was wearing yesterday. He doesn't think she's drunk at work; just that she goes out after work and gets drunk. And then pours alcohol all over herself, I guess? If she's not drinking at work then I don't know why she'd still smell like alcohol. Maggie says it's none of his business what she does after work. I don't really care one way or the other since we just skipped six months of Maggie's downward spiral so it's not going to have much of an emotional impact on me now.

Maggie sends Jim off to find out how much time she'll have to prepare the call once it's finally downloaded. On his way to find out, he asks Gary Cooper how long it took him to "straighten out after Africa." "I wasn't holding the kid," Gary Cooper says.

MacKenzie says they won't have much time to cut the 911 call down to 20-25 seconds, but Jim assures her they'll get it done somehow. On the show, Will is yelling at someone who thinks it's hard to speak up for conservative values these days. Like Pat Buchanan, she says, who was fired from MSNBC because of his book. Which wasn't so much "conservative" as it was racist and anti-Semitic and homophobic (no, those are not one and the same. Sometimes). While they're fighting, MacKenzie heads down to the makeup room and meets upcoming guest Jesse. She tries to impress him with her 1930s journalist talk, but he doesn't get it.

Jesse is on the show because he's the head of the Rutgers Gay-Straight Alliance and Dharun Ravi, who secretly filmed and broadcast his Rutgers roommate Tyler Clementi making out with another man, leading to Clementi's suicide, was just convicted. And now they both get to be used as a subplot on The Newsroom. Jesse says he never knew Tyler but thinks that what Dharun did was a reprehensible invasion of Tyler's privacy. "To take the most intimate moment of someone's life and use it for entertainment" makes Dharun an asshole, Jesse says. Oh. Then … what does that make Sorkin?

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