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Women Screw Up Again!

MacKenzie says she saw Jesse's tweet, where he bragged about his TV debut and said he would "make some waves." "#parentspleasedonthateme," he concluded. She wants to know what he meant by that. Jesse admits that he's going to come out to his parents. "I'm sorry, you can't," MacKenzie says. Why not? "Because you can't take the most intimate moment of someone's life and use it for entertainment." Jesse protests that he's doing this voluntarily. MacKenzie says that he also tweeted about it voluntarily, and Twitter is evil. "It's just not that kind of show," she says. With that, she excuses herself, saying they'll talk again later. I'm honestly not sure what her problem is. It's not like Jesse's planning to come out by having sex with a man on Will's desk. How is it that "that kind of show" have random talking heads going on and on about drones but Jesse can't come out? Because that would actually be interesting?

MacKenzie finds Will and Neal discussing Pepper Burk Tweetgate during another commercial break. She tweeted again, saying "another battle lost in the war on women." Because Will didn't recognize her at a restaurant. God, these crazy feminists and their crazy feminism!! Neal runs away and MacKenzie ensures that Will called his father. He says he did, but she knows he's lying. "Come on, do it now," she urges. "It's not that simple," Will says. And he would know, seeing as he was the one his father beat up when he was drunk and not MacKenzie. "Start to turn this around!" she says, like that's Will's responsibility. Will would rather focus on Pepper Burk, because that's easier. "Forget about THE FUCKING TWEET!" MacKenzie screams. Will says that he has to fix things with Pepper Burk because when someone who is supposed to represent the rest of the world tells you you're a bad person, that stays with you forever. Hey, guys? I don't think he's talking about Pepper Burk anymore. MacKenzie says it doesn't have to be forever. How would she know? Her dad worked for Margaret Thatcher in America when she was born even though she has to be in her late 30s or 40s. Clearly he's a time-traveler, and those types tend to be non-violent.

Oh, and then she tells Will that he'd better not be "ignoring" his father to stick it to him on what could be his deathbed to get revenge on him. Then she nags him forever until he agrees to call and leave a message on his dad's voicemail during the next break. He also admits that Pepper Burk tweeted that she was not going to watch News Night anymore because of his behavior. Yeah. Like she even watched it in the first place. No one watches News Night. "She knows what she's doing," MacKenzie mutters.

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