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Women Screw Up Again!

The 911 call is 98 percent downloaded. Maggie, seeming less angry now, asks Jim how long he'd been waiting to say something about her after-work activities. Jim claims he doesn't know. She asks if he has something to tell her about drinking and men. He says he does not. She says she's single and her performance at work isn't suffering for it (because it's not possible that it could since it's just so bad already) and Lisa is still furious with her so life in the apartment is not fun. Wow, eight months and Maggie can't find another place to live? It's really not that hard. I live in New York. I lived in Manhattan as a full-time grad student (a.k.a. super poor) for one year. It's possible.

Jim suggests that Maggie move out of her apartment and also stop being so "unpleasant" and "moody" at work. And then the 911 call is finally downloaded. Jim runs off to write the copy (why … didn't he do that already?) while Maggie runs to the edit bay to cut the tape down to 25 seconds.

Charlie tells Shep that Dantana was just chasing a rumor that he's not going to tell him any more about. "Something to do with chemical weapons?" Shep asks. Charlie won't say. "It's a fucking serious allegation, Charlie," Shep says. It would lead to riots in the Middle East and America's loss of its (self-appointed) position of moral authority of the world. Plus, it's not like using chemical weapons to extract captive Marines is all that bad, right? Shep asks Charlie what he would think if his son were one of the captive Marines, a few hours from being beheaded, and MARSOC unit used "any means necessary" to rescue him. Charlie reveals that Shep's hypothetical situation sounds a lot like ACN's rumor. "Does it?" Shep asks with all the faux innocence. I like Shep. We'll probably never seen him again.

Maggie and the editor work to cut down the Zimmerman 911 call.

Jim tells Martin to keep Mr. Kouri talking.

Some guy tells Will that Obama should lower gas prices even though Will doesn't think the president has the ability to do that. Stupid conservatives blah blah blah.

Jim writes the copy.

Maggie and the editor finish up.

Will catches the conservative using faulty logic, of course.

Good montage! Shep asks Charlie, again, if he wouldn't do "it" were it his son who was captured. "Do what, Shep?" Charlie asks. Shep just says that the problem with Al Qaeda is that it wants to live in the eighth century but use weapons from today. That's a "crazy problem," Shep says. "What are you telling me?" Charlie asks. "Wouldn't you insist it be done?" Shep asks. "Do what?" Charlie asks again. "I'm sorry and all, but you have to fix the crazy problem because this is what happens when you make it ours," Shep says, now making less sense than before. He leaves Charlie with a crumpled piece of paper that he says will give him more information about those yottabytes of memory.

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