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It's the "First Red Team Meeting," and MacKenzie is recapping the season so far for us (and telling it to Don, Jim, and Dr. Dr. Sloan for the first time): Cyrus West told Dantana about Operation Genoa and that whole sarin gas thing. Then there's a pause while MacKenzie, Charlie, Dantana, Neal, and Maggie stare at Don, Jim, and Dr. Dr. Sloan to see their reactions to this news. I think Jim is watching a basketball game on his phone or something? Or maybe he's asleep? Anyway, he's looking down at the floor. Don and Dr. Dr. Sloan just frown and stroke their chins. Also, why is Dr. Dr. Sloan on the red team? Isn't she just an economist/financial reporter/Elliot fill-in? There's no one else at ACN who might be more qualified and experienced?

Don asks how the Marines could have survived the sarin gas. Good job finding that first plothole, Don! But Dantana says the atropine they injected the Marines with was enough. MacKenzie et. al. tell the Red Team, who have helpful binders full of information to accompany the meeting, about Sweeney, Hamni8, the OWS NGO guy (who got pictures of the dead bodies, which is new information), and Charlie's secret source's helicopter manifest.

With that, MacKenzie asks if the Red Team have any questions. I have one! Has anyone bothered to actually go to the location in Pakistan where the sarin gas was supposedly dropped? Ask any of the people who live there? Look for any evidence, like the "mass grave" the NGO guy reported? Or are we just going to accuse the US government of a war crime based on, like, three guys' statements and some tweets? Because that seems problematic to me.

Jim's question is simply "sarin gas?" MacKenzie says she didn't believe it either, but if she saw eight reindeer take flight, she'd start believing in Santa Claus. Well, that would be dumb. Eight flying reindeer means that there are reindeer that can fly. That they have been enchanted by Santa Claus is an assumption. Assumptions aren't journalism. I don't care how many times NorthPole8 tweeted about it.

Jim points out that MacKenzie hasn't even seen eight reindeer – she's only talked to someone who says he has. Dantana says they've got more reindeer-related evidence than that, at which point Dr. Dr. Sloan can't help herself and points out that Santa Claus actually had nine reindeer. "Rudolph!" Don says. And that leads to several people trying to name all nine reindeer, which is awesome. Dr. Dr. Sloan keeps trying to name all nine reindeer, but she's missing one and then she loses count and has to start over again.

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