The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn

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Even God Hates This Show
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Remember that guy on Parks and Recreation who got fired after the second season because his character was so boring and kind of useless? Well, he just found a new home on The Newsroom! He's a print journalist personally selected by Will to interview him. Will says he's not big on print journalists because they "play fast and loose with exclamation points." He thinks it's the exclamation points that make him seem deranged. Brian (the reporter) asks Will why -- after a year of refusing interviews -- he's agreeing to one with Brian. Will lights up a cigarette and says he wants a "document" of what his horrible show is trying to do. That's not what Brian meant: he wants to know why Will chose him to write it. Will says Brian covers the media better than anyone else, his "recent complications notwithstanding." Like his inability to find a razorblade or a hairbrush? Print journalists are so gross, you guys.

Will generously "offers" to let Brian spend a few days in the newsroom and talk to whoever he wants as long as everything is off the record. If Will "likes how it feels," he'll let Brian do some actual reporting. But Will retains the right to pull things off the record if he so chooses. Brian says he's not about to audition to write this profile. Will points out that he used to be a hotshot Newsweek reporter and now he just has "a blogggggg." Will made sure to draw out the G there for maximum disgust. Brian and Will fight over who has more "fucking disdain" for the Internet (answer: they both lose to Sorkin) and Brian exposits that his attempt to use his Newsweek buyout money to start his own Huffington Post-like site failed and left him broke and unemployed. This is a sad statement about the dire state of the journalism business we will not be learning more about on this show. Will says everyone wants to cover his horrible show, but he's giving the story to New York magazine and Brian. Brian asks about their personal history. Will thinks he means how Brian used to call him out for being the Jay Leno of the news, but Brian says that's not what he meant and Will knows it. "So please stop fucking around with me," he requests. Will allows him to put one sentence in the second paragraph that says he is a "friend" of MacKenzie and only report what the world already knows about Will's relationship with her thanks to her inability to send emails. Brian says he's "fine" with all that, but he will not allow Will to tell him what he will or won't do anymore. Which is fine, since I don't think there's anything else Will possibly could tell him. Brian asks Will why he wants his show to be documented now. Is it in danger? Will says it might be, but he needs to meet with Reese first.

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