The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Last week on Newsroom, the lights went out after MacKenzie asked God to do her a solid. This week, they're still off and the emergency generator hasn't kicked in and MacKenzie doesn't understand how they managed to lose power in the studio when she was told that was impossible. It ends up being the fault of budget cuts. The battery-powered backup lights finally turn on just as Will bursts in to inform the control room that there's no power. Even MacKenzie thinks that's a dumb thing to say.

The lights are out in the newsroom as well, but fortunately most people there have flashlights. I would be so screwed if the power went out at my office. I have no idea where the flashlights are. I don't think we even have any? I'd just have to use my too-bright iPhone screen to light the way. MacKenzie walks in and informs the group that maintenance is on the way upstairs to check the generator. Jim informs her that they'll have to make it up to the 25th floor -- without an elevator. MacKenzie figures it will probably take them a few hours to do that. She puts Neal on laptop battery conversation duty because he's the blog guy and that's all she can think of as being important at this point. Will asks about that thing they do every night at 8. You know, the news show? How can they do it without power? Surely MacKenzie has a contingency plan in place. " ... " Mackenzie says while opening and closing her mouth like a fish. Finally she comes up with: "A miracle happens." But she's serious.

MacKenzie gets her speech on and asks her minions how much they hate having to report the kind of news they think they're better than. Gary Cooper mutters something about hating that there's no air conditioning right now because Gary Cooper is awesome. Rodney Dangerfield is also awesome. Look at him, putting a flash-spotlight on MacKenzie like that. He's so selfless! MacKenzie insists that everyone hates covering Casey Anthony and Anthony Weiner instead of "important stories" just to get ratings. "We're starting to be not very pleasant people to be around," she says. Starting?

MacKenzie tells the kids a story about how she was in the control room prepping "for that idiot who is still in the studio." "Are you talking about me?" asks Sandy, who was apparently just left sitting there in the dark. "No!" MacKenzie says, then "whispers" to the others "Yes!" How is Sandy an idiot? She turned a few Twitter DMs into a gold mine! Her only stupid move was coming on NewsNight. MacKenzie continues that she asked God to show her a sign that she wasn't "doing a big thing badly" -- which I still don't know what that even means, by the way--- and then the power went out. Basically, MacKenzie thinks God is communicating with her... not unlike how Michele Bachmann thinks God speaks to her. Except we're all supposed to hate Bachmann for that and love MacKenzie.

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