The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Lisa's moment finally arrives. Will asks if she knew Casey Anthony well. Lisa says she did not, and neither did anyone else who's been on TV saying he did. "Wow!" Brian says in the control room as Maggie and Jim exchange smug nods. Yes. What a powerful statement from Lisa, delivered as only a high school classmate of Casey Anthony's could. Will asks Lisa if Casey Anthony ever lost her temper in class. Lisa says she did and she lost it in a very baby-killing way. Jokes aside, Lisa wants to get serious and remind us that 80 million children were reported missing last year. Will (too quickly) says the number is actually 800,000. Way to suck at reading numbers, Lisa. What are you, MacKenzie? But Lisa continues, naming a few other dead children who don't get this kind of media attention because they weren't white or their mothers weren't pretty. OH, BURN ON YOU, DEADLY MOMS! YOU'RE UGLY! Will says this is a "very good point." Lisa says she has another point to make. Will was not expecting this because it wasn't in the script. Lisa's gone rogue! She wonders if Casey Anthony should have gotten an abortion. Maggie starts to freak out. Lisa says an embryo is much better to kill than a two-year-old. These are the kinds of things you can think but shouldn't say on national television.

MacKenzie tells Will to "help" Lisa get out of this. Will tells Lisa he just wants to clear up that she's not saying that Casey Anthony's only two options were abortion or child murder. Lisa clarifies that she thinks it's "cruel" to force a child to be born to a mother who doesn't want it. But abortion is legal in this country so I'm not sure what her point is. Doesn't seem like anyone is forced to do anything. Except for Lisa, who was basically forced to be on this show. Will changes the subject.

That night, Jim gets a phone call. He cabs it to Flounce, which has been vandalized and had the words "Baby Killer" spray-painted all over its doors. Looks like the one person who still watches NewsNight went to a lot of effort there. I bet if NewsNight's comments were anonymous again, he could have just blown off some steam there and this wouldn't have happened. This also wouldn't have happened if Lisa's only friend didn't twist her arm into appearing on her stupid show. Jim asks Lisa (who is there with Maggie, as she apparently thought it was a great idea to get to her workplace ASAP in the middle of the night after finding out it was vandalized?) how the vandals knew where she worked. Maggie says they must have used Lisa's Facebook page. The evil Internet strikes again! Maggie says she'll shut Lisa's Facebook page down for her and that should solve everything. No need to shell out for a bodyguard like they did for Will! And still do, despite no other death threats in the last month!

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