The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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And then Will shows up! Yes, here he comes, walking towards them through the fog like a Hero. He doesn't have Terry Crews with him, because he doesn't need him and also because Terry Crew doesn't work for Will 24 hours a day. Will asks Lisa if she's okay. Lisa says she is, and then asks Will if he's mad at her for springing the abortion thing on him during the show. Will assures her that he wasn't, because that's all that's important. He says he is pro-life, but not "pro-throwing a brick through a window." Will tells Jim to get Lisa out of here before the local news trucks show up. Jim says Will might want to make himself scarce, too. Will says he'll talk to Lisa's boss. "This should've been me and not you," he says. Wrong! It should've been MacKenzie. Because I don't like her. Actually, maybe MacKenzie was the one who did this. She seems stupid enough to mistake Flounce for her apartment and then try her usual methods of attempting to gain access.

The next day, Will asks wardrobe guy Teddy if a certain suit's pants have a trick to them, because every time he tries to put that one pair on, he always puts both legs in one leg hole. Teddy doesn't know what the hell to say to that except to suggest that perhaps there's something wrong with Will, not the pants. Kendra pokes her head in to tell Will that the RNC reps have arrived. In walks Adam Roth, played by Adam Arkin, and Tate Brady, a young smarmy douchebag. Charlie and MacKenzie wander in, and Adam exposits that he and Will are old friends, having met when they both worked for the first President Bush.

Everyone takes a seat, and Tate says he's happy that NewsNight's ratings are back up to acceptable debate-hosting levels. He wants to offer the debate to Will, but says the rules and the format are pretty set. Charlie says they want to try something a little different. Will says he and Adam used to talk a lot about how flawed the debate format was. Now they can change it. He heads out to the newsroom to show them... THE MOCK DEBATE!!!!

Yes, it's the all-important mock debate we've been waiting for. It will make all this horrible Casey Anthony shit worthwhile. It will change the game. It's the most important thing that has even happened in the entire world. Will says they need to ask the candidates tough questions and hold them accountable to what they're claiming in their campaigns. He wants to "put the candidates on the witness stand." With that, the mock debate begins! The candidates wear sweatshirts with the names of whoever they're supposed to be printed on them. Yes, you heard me right -- someone went and had ugly sweatshirts made just for this. They look ridiculous.

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