The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Adam says he's known Will for 25 years and "vouches" for him. That means nothing to Tate. He puts his foot down. Adam says he'll remember this the next time Tate bitches about how the press went too easy on Obama. I'll remember that the next time we see a scene on this show that proposes to interrogate Democratic candidates. Which will be never. Even though Adam is like 20 years older than Tate, Tate is the boss. He tells Will there will be no format changes. Also, he doesn't want MacKenzie McHale to produce the debates. You guys, this Tate guy is a freaking genius! He is the smartest person on the show!

Will lights a cigarette and blows a cloud of smoke in Tate's face. "Get out," he orders. Adam tells him not to be so hasty. He "needs" the debate. Will says his team compromised all week (WOW a whole WEEK? SACRIFICE) to get ratings to land this debate, like it's Tate's fault that no one watches NewsNight unless it features toddler murderers. "We need ACN!" Adam says. "No, we don't!" Tate says. Why does Adam still have a job? Dude is useless and stupid. Tate reminds him that ACN has other anchors. He runs out and offers Don one of the debates. "Eat me," Don replies. That was stupid. Tate asks Dr. Dr. Sloan if she would like to monitor a debate. "Fuck you," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. Just go find Terry Smith and offer the debate to him. He'll take it and he'll do a great job. Instead, Tate tells Adam that he "hates" everyone at ACN, doesn't understand why Adam doesn't feel the same way, and will wait for him in the car. He walks out. Adam apologizes to Will and says he can't quit his job for moral reasons because he has a kid in college. Will says it's cool. "Don't let 'em push you around," he says. Adam will let them push him around because he is useless. Adam leaves, and everyone waits for Will to make a speech. He just says they lost the debate, which I think they already knew. On the plus side, they did get those sweet new sweatshirts.

Brian talks to MacKenzie. He seems to feel much like Tate did about the mock debate -- that it made Will look good at the expense of the candidates. He doesn't see how anyone could have thought there was any shot that the RNC would approve the new format. He calls the rejection "hubris." MacKenzie calls him jealous. Brian asks her what he's supposed to be jealous of. Before she can answer, he says "fuck you, Mack" and that she was "embarrassed" in front of him when the debate didn't work out. Also, "He doesn't want you." "Please don't talk about my personal life," says the woman who kind of constantly talks about her personal life. Brian says he can just talk about his own personal life then, since it's the same thing. He broke up with MacKenzie, but he came back. Will didn't. "I don't know yet," MacKenzie mutters. She's pathetic. Brian says even Helen Hunt in Cast Away got over Tom Hanks and married Chris Noth in less time than it's taken Will to go back to MacKenzie. He says if Will caved on the Casey Anthony stuff, he'll cave on the debate, too. Brian is "absolutely sure" of it. MacKenzie says one thing that is so awesome about Will is that he's never absolutely sure about anything. "He struggles with things," MacKenzie says. And then Will hops out into the middle of the newsroom with his pants half-off and falls over. Ah, yes. As Chekhov once wrote: If there's a pair of pants in the first act, Will must fail to put them on correctly in the third.

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