The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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MacKenzie asks Will, who is still trying to put his pants on, if he can't get someone else to write the story instead of Brian. Will's not going for it. MacKenzie calls him an idiot. She says she's compromised all week with Brian, looking over her shoulder because Will can't handle rejection and then Will passed on the debate because Tate "insulted" MacKenzie. He also passed on it because he couldn't do his special format, MacKenzie. It's not all about you. "Who ARE YOU?!?!?!" she shrieks; "I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOUR HEAD IS AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. I AM THIS CLOSE TO LOSING IT! I THINK I HAVE! I THINK IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!" So much shrieking in this episode. Will tells the hysterical woman to settle down. He asks her if she thought it was "cool" when he threw out the rundown in the pilot episode. "Yeah," MacKenzie says. He decides to throw it out again. He'll talk to Dr. Dr. Sloan about the debt ceiling instead. Dr. Dr. Sloan is thrilled! Too bad none of it mattered, since the debt ceiling stuff still sank the stock market and lowered our national credit rating.

Will asks MacKenzie if she can "handle" Brian being here "a little longer." "I can handle anything," says the woman who was just screaming about how she's losing it. Also, she can't "handle" jellyfish. No one can! They're all jelly and stingers. Will then orders Brian to "just write the truth, okay? Just write. The. Truth." Brian's all, "Shut up." MacKenzie announces that they are throwing out the rundown and boring the audience to tears with the debt ceiling story instead. The newsroom cheer and fist pump and applaud. Ugh.

Also, the Neal troll subplot. Dr. Dr. Sloan checks in. Neal says the troll club doesn't think trolling an economics forum is that great. "It's too bad you're not the guy who left the death threat for Will," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. Neal's eye bug out with ideas. Dr. Dr. Sloan warns him not to go to whatever "dangerous area" she thinks this is.

And then MacKenzie just watches her newsroom buzz with activity and happiness while violins play on the soundtrack. Twenty seconds later, she calls Jim over and asks him about Lisa, because Jim's personal life is not off-limits like MacKenzie's is. Jim says he "gave it a try" but Lisa isn't interested in him anymore. MacKenzie tells him to gather ye rosebuds while ye may. I guess she's better at old English poems than she was at Don Quixote. Jim says he will. And then MacKenzie just recites the rest of the poem. I'm not going to.

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