The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Lisa seems to have recovered from her workplace being vandalized and has a beer with her insufferable roommate, who urges her to get back with Jim, insisting that her crush on him ended a long time ago. With that, Don emerges from wherever he was and says the air conditioner is broken, so it will either be too cold in the apartment or too hot. I'm sorry, but no. When does an air conditioner ever break so that it makes the place too cold? Especially when it's 90 degrees outside. Also, why does Don make rooms so cold everywhere he goes? Is he a super villain?

And then the doorbell rings. It's midnight, which is a perfect time for Jim to stop by. Maggie and Lisa giggle and assume he's there to see Lisa. Don just makes fun of Maggie's debate question for Bachmann about God, which Maggie still thinks was a great idea. Lisa opens the door. Jim says he wants to talk to -- and then Don steps up and says hello. Before Jim can say much of anything, Lisa informs him that Maggie talked her into agreeing to date him again. OOPS. Jim was about to gather his rosebuds and tell Maggie how he really feels about her. Now he's stuck with Lisa again and too chickenshit to speak up. They go off together, leaving Maggie and Don. Don thinks Jim came to talk to Maggie to tell her about those flowers, so he decides to tell Maggie about them first.

Montage!! A moderator who isn't half as good as Will McAvoy asks Michele Bachmann who she likes better: Elvis or Johnny Cash? Bachmann says that is a really tough question and she's going to have to go with "both." Adam shows it to Tate, who probably thinks this is an example of some great debating.

Charlie reads over Hancock's psychiatric assessment. You know he's upset because his bowtie is untied.

Neal is in a chat room full of trolls. His screen name is "blue jewel." That is a callback to what Will told him his name means. So clever. "Dhcx" praises his trolling skills, saying "those brainiac twerps need a good chain yank every once in awhile!" No one has ever said that. Neal claims that he also figured out how to bypass the ACN commenter identity requirements, which "Charizma" calls "totl BULLSHIT" on. How does Charizma know? Because Charizma is the one who bypassed it and left the death threat. What a coincidence. Also, Internet people are even worse than previously suspected. Neal immediately calls Terry Crews to report that some guy in a chat room still wants to kill Will.

Don tries to explain himself to Maggie. She looks catatonic so I have no idea if she's going for it or not.

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