The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Will asks for a show of hands on who is freaked out by MacKenzie's weirdness. Don throws his hand up high and keeps it there. No one else raises his hand because of Stockholm syndrome. MacKenzie insists that it was "God's plan" that they should be a team again to put on a broadcast despite the lack of electricity. They'll do it outside. "Yeah! We can do this!" Jim says. If they do it outside, they sure can. All they have to do is plug everything into an extension cord that runs into another building that actually has power. Will asks if the grips are willing to take everything down 25 flights of stairs. "You bet your ass they do!" says one of the control room guys who I'm pretty sure is not a grip. MacKenzie says this will be just like Apollo 13. Except not nearly as difficult or as important. Maggie suggests they buy a generator. MacKenzie bumps that up to two generators, one of which will go to the edit bay. I could be wrong, but don't generators usually run on gasoline and spit out all kinds of pollution? That poor woman in the edit bay is going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

MacKenzie asks what time the sun sets tonight. "8:37," Neal answers immediately. Will asks why he knows that. "One of those things," Neal shrugs, probably figuring the answer would take too long to explain and not make him look any better. MacKenzie keeps manically running around in circles and saying this will come down to trust, then asks if anyone thinks this isn't impossible. Of course, they all say they think this is possible.

Sandy asks if someone is going to help her out or what. MacKenzie talks down to her and says they can't do any pre-tape segments because of the power, so Sandy will have to wait until tonight if she wants to be on the show. Sandy says she's already going on Fox and that's "a bigger audience." I don't see how that is possible, what with NewsNight getting ready to do a broadcast outside using two cans tied together with string as a microphone or something. MacKenzie blows Sandy off and says that the power going out might be the best thing that could happen to NewsNight and may well save the show -- and oh, wait. The power just came back on. "SON OF A BITCH!" MacKenzie shrieks. She doesn't like God's timing so much this time. This would have been a funny scene if Emily Mortimer wasn't so freaking annoying and MacKenzie had some other kind of talent to fall back on when a scene like this made her look so goofy and stupid. Instead, she just stares at Will for a while before recommending that he use the word "bombshell" in his Casey Anthony broadcasts more often.

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