The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Will heads back into the studio. MacKenzie tells Sandy they'll need her again. "Great!" Sandy says, always willing to help out. Too bad these people all think she's human garbage.

"Bombshell after bombshell!" Will reports, taking MacKenzie's advice well. He shows Casey Anthony's brother testifying while Jim rolls his eyes in bored disgust. I mean, a child did still die, guys. I know the child wasn't named Gabrielle Giffords, but you could try to act like you give a shit. Brian, that guy who's trying to write a story about this terrible show for New York Magazine, asks MacKenzie how she feels right now. MacKenzie has nothing to say to him.

Will turns to Anthony Weiner. Jim leaves the control room in favor of the newsroom. Everyone looks bored while watching NewsNight, and if you can't keep the people who make the freaking show entertained then I don't think you have any hope of getting the masses to watch. Jim suggests doing more mock debate prep, because that's fun. "You don't have to watch this," he says. And you don't have to work on it. Quit.

Will throws to his pre-taped interview with Sandy, whose last name he is incapable of pronouncing correctly because she is so gross. As it plays, Will lights up a cigarette. I hope that makes it on TMI. Maybe he's just sad because his interview with Sandy is so damn boring. If you're going to go Nancy Grace with your show, you might want to really go there and put all the pundits and pretty pictures on the screen at the same time to keep people entertained.

Dr. Dr. Sloan complains to Neal that she only has a few minutes deep into the show to tell the world real important stuff. "We're committing journalistic malpractice!" says the woman who put off-the-record quotes on the air and got suspended. Neal says there's no such thing as journalistic malpractice. Dr. Dr. Sloan says it would be great if there were. Not for her, it wouldn't be! How quickly she forgets that she's one of the worst offenders on the ACN staff.

Dr. Dr Sloan finally asks Neal about his incredibly stupid story about Internet trolls. Neal recaps that he has to troll another message board in order to be accepted into the Elite Troll Club or whatever, but he doesn't want to do that by attacking an innocent person. He wants to attack Dr. Dr. Sloan. She asks which website he was thinking of trolling. He mentions some nerdy smarty pants economy website "that attracts an intelligent level of debate," according to Dr. Dr. Sloan. Neal says some of its members like Dr. Dr. Sloan for her "abilities." He's hoping that if he says nasty things about her, they'll get bent out of shape and scream and then the whole thing will get shut down by a moderator. I hope they all get banned, too!

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