The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Dr. Dr. Sloan says her father and his friends are also economists who apparently go to that website and will very much appreciate reading what Neal has to say about Dr. Dr. Sloan. I think it's kind of cute that Dr. Dr. Sloan's dad is an economist! No, wait -- the feminist in me thinks Sorkin is saying that Dr. Dr. Sloan is only an economist because her dad was and that a woman wouldn't choose this profession without some kind of male influence. I'm torn. Neal basically begs Dr. Dr. Sloan to let him make fun of her on the Internet because it'll give him his first story and he thinks it's a good one. Yeah, like, 20 years ago, maybe. But Dr. Dr. Sloan also thinks it's a great story and gives her consent. "You're the greatest," Neal says. "I really am," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. And she's right. On this show, she is definitely the greatest.

Over at Hang Chew's, a man is doing silent karaoke. MacKenzie, who is either drunk or having a stroke or just slurring her words because she's wacky like that, introduces Brian to Hang's (I'm just going to call it "Hang's" like all the cool kids do, okay?). He tries to have a conversation with her, but cannot because she's too busy making huge obvious gestures across the room at Dr. Dr. Sloan. Brian asks her if she could please stop treating him "like an asshole" when she broke up with him the second time around, so they're even. MacKenzie says that's not possible, since she didn't date him the second time -- just cheated on Will by sleeping with him. Oh, that makes it much better, then.

Brian gives up and says they should just stick to the story he's supposed to be reporting on. MacKenzie says it's very simple: Will is a "heavyweight" who pretended to be a "lightweight" for years in order to get higher ratings. Brian asks if Will's love of ratings is because he's lonely. Right... as opposed to all of those ratings-hating people who are surrounded by friends and family. Please. The question throws MacKenzie, who asks Brian what he's going to write about Will. Brian claims he doesn't know. MacKenzie goes to talk to Dr. Dr. Sloan, but not before saying that Brian is right about Will's loneliness. She's just not sure if that started before or after she cheated on him (and Brian).

The losers are still doing this mock debate thing. Somehow, they roped the usually way-too-cool-for-this Kendra into it. She clearly doesn't care about this though, and so doesn't know how Tim Pawlenty would answer a question about right-to-work issues. Maggie and Julie Cooper try to help, which somehow (yet not surprisingly) leads to Maggie pontificating about unions. MacKenzie gives her a verbal pat on the head for her answer impersonation of Pawlenty and Maggie beams. MacKenzie and Dr. Dr. Sloan walk away.

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