The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Dr. Dr. Sloan reminds us all that the debt ceiling stuff is Important Worthwhile News. MacKenzie claims she's "trying" to work it into the show, then says she's hoping that when she fails her assignment to book a Casey Anthony-related guest no one else has, it'll open up time for Dr. Dr. Sloan to talk about the economy. Dr. Dr. Sloan is so grateful that she offers to help MacKenzie deal with Brian if things get difficult. She's not sure what she'll do or how, but she'll do something.

The text on the screen tells us it's Thursday. MacKenzie is wearing yet another blouse with a contrasting trim around the collar and that front part where all the buttons are. (I'm sure it has a name, but I don't know it.) Did she -- or rather, this show's costume person who clearly doesn't give a shit -- buy like 10 of those on sale, all in different colors? Try wearing something a little different for a change. MacKenzie complains about ratings again. Will says they only have to do this for one more day before the RNC reps come to watch their mock debate, but MacKenzie says it'll be another month after that to protect Will from getting fired by Leona. Will thinks Brian's article will do that. He tells MacKenzie to worry about getting a guest who they can actually promote. Instead, MacKenzie gets distracted by the sight of flowers and tries to be all nonchalant when she asks Will about them. Can Emily Mortimer just TRY to not be so obvious and mannered with her acting? I am not watching a stage play. Settle down. Will refuses to give MacKenzie any details about the flowers or who sent them, saying they aren't for or from him and are just "living in [his] office" for now. "Can you be satisfied with that?" he asks. MacKenzie pauses, and then asks if the flowers are for her. Of course.

Even worse than that, it's the mock debate. Maggie plays Gingrich. She's more annoying than the real Gingrich, so congratulations Maggie. Will and MacKenzie walk in and Will reminds us YET AGAIN that this debate is really important and why they are lowering themselves to covering Casey Anthony. I don't understand how this show can only have 10 episodes that cover a year of time and yet still repeat itself over and over and over again.

Finally, MacKenzie brings up a topic that is sort of new: getting the Casey Anthony guest. Jim looks at Maggie as MacKenzie asks if anyone happens to know anyone with a connection to Casey Anthony, because that's how this show books its guests. You'll be SHOCKED to discover that Maggie, in fact, does have a connection to Casey Anthony! Yes, Roommate Lisa went to high school with Casey Anthony. Will seems to think this is a huge get for NewsNight. It's not! Hundreds of people probably went to high school with Casey Anthony. Are you telling me they're all highly sought-after guests? Apparently Lisa is, as Maggie says she's been approached by several people, including Dylan Kagan, Agent to the Stars, and turned them all down. Which means that Dylan Kagan and all those other people did a better job trying to find Casey Anthony connections than NewsNight.

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