The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Maggie says Lisa isn't going to talk. Will won't accept that as an answer. "Be a producer!" he orders. Maggie can't be a producer. She's not qualified. But she assures Will that she'll get it done. Why is no one yelling at Jim, by the way? He dated Lisa!

Ha ha ha, the store Lisa works for is called "Flounce." Sorkin knows all about flouncing. Some woman who probably likes to watch Casey Anthony stories on TV is trying to find a dress to wear to the Tonys. Lisa says the dress the woman is currently wearing looks "spectacular" on her. It doesn't. I am terrible at fashion (see my earlier comment about not knowing what the front part of a shirt with the buttons on it is called) and even I know that. Jim and Maggie ring the store's doorbell to be let in. The dress woman wants to try a dress by another designer, but Lisa says they don't carry him since he came out in favor of the Holocaust. The woman doesn't think that's that big of a deal because she is a horrible shallow crappy news-loving kind of woman.

Lisa turns to Maggie and Jim and says she already told them on the phone she wouldn't come on the show. They think they can change her mind even though she's in the middle of her workday with a customer and her salary is based on commission. Maggie and Jim are horrible people. Jim puts on what I believe is supposed to be his "gay voice" and tells the woman that he thinks the dress looks great on her (it doesn't) and she should buy it right now and leave. The woman ignores him and goes to the dressing room to try on something else and drink a glass of wine, which the store apparently provides its customers. Best store ever.

Maggie manics that Lisa would be a huge exclusive "get" for the show. Lisa doesn't care about any of that, of course. Lisa says what happened to Caylee Anthony was horrible and she's not about to join the cast of a television show because of it. Also, last she knew, Maggie and Jim were too good for this. Dress woman walks out wearing a dress that looks slightly better than the other one. Jim tells her it "screams Tonys" and she is sure to win while wearing it. The woman says she isn't nominated for any awards. I kind of liked how she said that with a disgusted look on her face, like only horrible people are nominated for Tonys. Jim says the dress is so awesome that she'll win Tonys anyway and that the dress is free if the woman takes it right now. Lisa says it is not free. Why does he think that will work? Is he trying to get Lisa fired and/or destroy her chances at getting this commission? Jim offers to pay for the dress himself. Lisa informs him that it costs $11,000. Jim is SHOCKED to find out that clothes can be expensive.

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