The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Lisa gives the woman another dress to try on. Maggie says they're "screwed" if Lisa doesn't go on the show (because their ratings depend on whether or not they book one of Casey Anthony's classmates? Okay) and promises that Will will be "gentle" with her. Lisa says all she knows about Casey Anthony is that they once "cut third period together." She doesn't think that's enough to provide any insight on what Casey Anthony turned into. This should really be enough for the people who are supposed to be her friends to let it go. Lisa heads into the woman's dressing room to help her with some buttons. Jim notes that his $30 pants are "just as good" as the $40 pants. Then he wonders if Lisa and the woman are making out in the dressing room right now. He says he'd spend the whole day kissing other women if he was a woman, and doesn't understand gay men and straight women. Thank you for your early '90s stand-up comedy stylings, Jim!

Lisa and the woman walk out. The woman is wearing another dress that looks pretty horrible, but she claims to love it. Afraid that Lisa will actually make a sale, Jim butts in once again and basically tells the woman to go look for her own stupid accessories while he talks to Lisa about something important. I would have called the police on those guys at this point to get them out of the store. The woman wanders off to look at jade earrings and Jim tells Lisa that this is really, really important because I don't know if you guys know about this, but there's a debate format they need ratings to air and the debate is a "good thing for everybody." Lisa interrupts him to ask Maggie if Will and MacKenzie are counting on her. Maggie says they are. Lisa agrees to do it. Maggie is very grateful. I don't think Maggie would ever do anything like that for Lisa. Maggie got what she wanted out of her roommate, so she leaves. Jim stays behind to remind Lisa that he has been "wooing" her via unreturned phone calls and emails. Lisa clearly isn't interested. Maggie gets impatient and starts banging on the window and yelling at Jim to leave. What a sweetheart.

Don walks into Will's office. He's wearing a heavy jacket despite the heat wave. They could have just had Don wear more weather-appropriate clothes, but instead we waste a few seconds listening to Don explain that the air conditioning makes his office really cold. Will points to the flowers and says Jim signed for them and looked at the card. They're for Don. And they're from a lady! Don sits down and says that he and Maggie have broken up a few times, and he dated other women when they did. "I'm not judging you," Will says judgmentally. Don never told the other women when he got back together with Maggie, so one of them seemed to think it was a good idea to send him flowers at his office. Men love getting flowers. Terry Crews pops his head in to tell Will they have to go. Will tells Don he'll "take care" of the flowers. He asks Don if he's doing the "right thing." Don says he is and asks Will if he, too, is doing the right thing. Will says he is not. I'm not exactly sure what Don is doing. Is he still seeing the other woman once he gets back together with Maggie?

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