The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate

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Will sees Jack, who tells him that because his father was abusive, Will is "a thousand times more sensitive" to acts of betrayal. Will practices avoidance by praising Jack's set of encyclopedias and how much better they are than Internet searches. Sorkin will never not find a way to put the Internet down. Will segues into last night, when he found himself looking at a relationship advice site, where Rhonda told a woman whose husband was cheating on her that maybe it was partly her fault he strayed. Will finds that unbelievable. Jack doesn't see how Will could wander onto a relationship advice site. He thinks he went there on purpose. Will asks if he's at all to blame for MacKenzie cheating on him. Jack asks if Will thinks he is. Will, of course, does not and also thinks Rhonda is a moron.

Jack wonders if MacKenzie cheated on Will because she was reacting to Brian dumping her in the first place. Maybe she just wanted to be "un-rejected" and so hooked up with Brian again. Will asks if Jack remembers how he showed up yesterday without an appointment and interrupted Jack's session. Yes, Will, we do. We saw it just last week. And Jack saw it yesterday. Also... didn't Will say his appointments were on Wednesdays? But today is Thursday. Even the continuity on this show sucks. Anyway, Will says he "understands" that MacKenzie deserves to be forgiven, as Jack suggested yesterday, but he can't do it. "You were betrayed," Jack says. Too bad I just don't care enough about MacKenzie or Will and MacKenzie's relationship (or Will, really) for this to matter to me.

Dr. Dr. Sloan -- who also has a tendency to wear the same shirt all the time but in different colors -- asks Neal how his big story is going. Did Dr. Dr. Sloan just get out of the bathroom or something? Why is her shirt tucked in at just the front? Neal says the smart economist website is kind of hard to troll, due to everyone on it being very dignified. Neal didn't get anywhere making fun of Dr. Dr. Sloan, so he had to post something about the economy and how it should be easy to balance the country's budget if he can balance his checkbook. This gets Dr. Dr. Sloan all riled up, just like it did the people on the website. Then he made fun of Dr. Dr. Sloan again and I'm sorry you guys, I just don't care about this. I don't want to hear about Dr. Dr. Sloan's breasts or her slutty body movements or how Neal cleverly messed with her Wikipedia page to say she was a stripper. Neal proudly says the end result was people with Ph.Ds posted in all caps and then the mod came in and shut the thread down. Neal thinks that will be enough to get him into the beginning stages of entering the troll club. "You're gonna be a good reporter," Dr. Dr. Sloan lies. Or maybe she's telling the truth. I think people on this show have a very different definition of "reporter" than the rest of us. Dr. Dr. Sloan orders Neal to change her Wikipedia page back. She would do it herself, but she doesn't know how to use the Internet because she is noble and good.

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