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Do you guys think this show will get a third season? I do. I can't believe it's already lasted longer than Luck.

Jim tries to get on the campaign bus again. And again, the guy in charge, "Cameron," refuses to let him on. Jim threatens to file a story all about how Romney's campaign won't let him on the bus, and Cameron says that can only help Romney's chances. I do thoroughly enjoy this show when other characters are telling ACN people that no one likes them. A blonde reporter whose first and last names probably start with the same initial peaks out and tells Cameron to just let Jim on. So he does.

The bus is full of reporters who are somehow both overeager and jaded at the same time. Jim takes a seat across from the woman who got him on the bus and thanks her, but she doesn't seem interested in anything he has to say.

"August 25, 2011" pops up on the screen. Which means it's the day after where we left off last week. Those journalists in Libya were just freed, the campaign pool's designated douchebag, "Stillman," announces. Even though everyone else on the bus is reading the same article he is, Stillman just has to read it out loud despite frequent protests from the others. Oh, hi, Stillman. You are sixty percent of my journalism school class. Seventy-five percent if you just saw the headline on Twitter and started talking about it without even bothering to read the article. But guys – that means twenty-five percent of my class was pretty awesome. So there is hope.

The TVs are all on in Dr. Dr. Sloan's office even though she isn't there. It's like 4 in the morning at ACN when she arrives at work. It's still dark outside, which is weird when you consider that it was a beautiful bright morning in New Hampshire. I did not know New York City was in a different timezone. Dr. Dr. Sloan finds Maggie sleeping on the floor of her office. What's Maggie doing? Well, she packed up her stuff and moved out of Don's apartment and wants to keep her luggage in Dr. Dr. Sloan's office for the day so no one will see it and know what happened. Another way to do this would've been for Maggie to keep the bags at Don's apartment, go to work, and then, after work, pick them up and bring them to Lisa's apartment. Special bonus: not having to impose all her crap on Dr. Dr. Sloan's office.

Instead, Maggie apparently spent the night calling Don over and over again (he wouldn't take her calls, which Maggie knows because they went to voicemail on the second ring. That means Don saw who was calling and directed it to voicemail, rather than letting it ring four times and then going to voicemail. Or something. Like most things Maggie, it's unnecessarily complicated and dramatic). She says she'd rather not discuss this with Dr. Dr. Sloan anymore. Yes, Maggie wants to use her office as a storage facility. No, Dr. Dr. Sloan doesn't get to find out why.

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