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I don't recall Maggie saying she was sorry. Do you? Instead, she looks down at the book about Africa she brought home from the library. Also, I'm going to overlook the fact that Lisa's speech in no way reflected the way someone her age would actually talk because it was just so great to see Maggie get called out for what she truly is.

In a New Hampshire Sheraton, Jim gets an email from Lisa with a link to the video. He watches it for a long time for whatever reason. It's not like he didn't see it in person. Hallie, of course, is right there watching him.

Kendra sees a news alert: a drone strike just killed Anwar al-Awlaki. She and Gary Cooper inform Will and MacKenzie about this development: a suspected terrorist and American citizen was murdered by his own government. On purpose. "An American was on the kill list?" Will gasps. I'm not sure why he's so surprised. Maybe he doesn't read The New York Times? Because it reported that Al-Awlaki, an American citizen, was on the kill list in 2010. And then there was that whole thing in 2011 when al-Awlaki was nearly killed by an American drone in an assassination attempt. But what's really crazy is that al-Awlaki was killed on September 30, 2011 and it's September 21, 2011 on the show. Is Kendra getting news alerts from the future? That would be an interesting new direction. Note to Sorkin: if you're going to base this show in (and exploit) real-life events, you have to get them right. You don't get to tell us how past events should've been covered and also fudge their details for dramatic purposes.

Neal meets Shelly at Zucotti Park. She told him Radiohead was playing to lure him down there. He's annoyed with her until he sees the police pull up in riot gear.

Charlie has been called into Will's office to discuss how to approach this al-Awlaki thing. Everyone except Will thinks that Will should put the government on blast for this. Will doesn't really feel like standing up for the rights of a terrorist, even though what America did to him was wrong. Also, he doesn't understand why being a Republican automatically makes him a bad person. Which is a good point but not really relevant right now.

Will says the president is allowed to authorize these strikes according to a memorandum. MacKenzie thinks they should demand to see it. Will says he doesn't feel like defending the rights of an al-Qaeda leader right now. Charlie asks who cares if they get some blowback. Will says he cares. And, yeah. You can't pull the guy off the 9/11 special one minute for what he says on the air and then tell him to say whatever he wants the next. "When I took you off the anniversary coverage, I wasn't telling you to change your clothes. It was about that particular day," Charlie says. Will facepalms and points to Kendra and Gary Cooper. They didn't know he was pulled off, he says. They thought he stepped down voluntarily. Kendra and Gary Cooper say no one believed that, anyway.

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