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Tamara butts in to tell everyone that Neal spent his lunch break getting arrested. He's on the phone, so MacKenzie asks Maggie to put it on speaker. Phew!! Good thing MacKenzie learned how speaker phones work. And good thing Maggie was able to put the call on speaker without accidentally hanging up on Neal or spilling coffee on the phone. I see progress for these characters. Neal exposits that the police arrested a bunch of protestors for wearing masks, which is illegal in New York City according to some random very old law no one ever cared about until they needed an excuse to arrest a bunch of hippies. Neal wasn't wearing a mask and identified himself as a reporter but the police arrested him and destroyed his phone/video camera anyway.

But don't worry! Neal was Ustreaming the footage the whole time so it's still on the Internet. "Good job, man," MacKenzie says, mystified by all this technology. "I'm gonna come bail you out," Maggie says. Will immediately says he'll do it instead. Yes. I wouldn't trust Maggie with that either. Or anything. She can't even get a YouTube video taken down. "Send the film to my phone!" Will asks. LOL, "film."

At the police station, Will whips out his business card and demands that Neal's arrest be voided. He says he's Neal's lawyer. The police officer recognizes him as Will McAvoy but amazingly doesn't make any comments about how he doesn't help news anchors who call the Tea Party the American Taliban. I guess everyone is cool with Will again now that 9/11 is over. He does say he won't void the arrest; his co-worker told him Neal was "creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition." Will says that's allowed as long as Neal had a legitimate purpose, and since he was reporting, he did.

When the officer doesn't immediately void the arrest, Will says he'll have the man who arrested Neal brought up on civil rights violations and those always end with police officers getting fired. Uh. Okay. Pretty sure there are plenty of cops out there with plenty of complaints against them who are still very much employed. But at least that argument was rational; now Will is frustrated and strange and having a Dramatic Moment about how one American citizen was murdered by the government (in the future) and another one is on death row and a bunch of other people are in jail for wearing Halloween masks. Neal is the only thing he has any control over, he screams.

"Are you feeling all right?" the cop asks. Will collects himself and says he's getting over the flu (that he had ten days ago but not really) and shows the cop Neal's footage. In it, Neal asks the cop why he's arresting people. The cop tells him to go away. Neal says he's on a public sidewalk. The cop arrests him and the video shuts off. Will asks the cop who he thinks is in more trouble. I'd say Neal. It's never the cop. In TV land, though, Neal's arrest is voided.

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