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Maggie finds MacKenzie in the ACN gym. She says she finally found her reason to cover all of Africa: "national security!" "Do you ever think Will might just be a douchebag?" MacKenzie asks. Nice to see all of Africa means so much to you, MacKenzie. Your generosity of spirit is truly astonishing. Then she asks Maggie to be more specific than "Africa." Maggie says the war on terror is moving there next. "Do you know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite?" she asks. MacKenzie says she's been shot at by both of them. And yet, cannot operate a phone or remember to bring her purse home from work.

"What is it with you and Africa?" MacKenzie finally asks. "I want to be the go-to person on something," Maggie says. So, yes, that should definitely be the continent it took you a month to find a good news hook in. Sounds like you've got Africa covered, Maggie. She says she and Gary Cooper want to go to Kampala and tour and talk to joint task force people and then talk to counter terrorism experts when they return to America. Oh, shit. We know Maggie comes back. WHAT ABOUT GARY COOPER?!!?! Don't you dare kill Gary Cooper, Sorkin. I will leave. I will LEAVE.

"You're green and it's dangerous," MacKenzie says. Yeah. Maybe you don't make your first reporting trip one to a terrorism hotbed in Africa. That's a great way to be the go-to person on really bad decisions based in ignorance, selfishness, and desperation. But Maggie insists that she can handle it and Kampala isn't dangerous. After she correctly answers a short quiz about Uganda, MacKenzie tells her to book the trip. Maggie's thrilled. She runs over to Gary Cooper to give him the good news, but he tells her that he just saw a wire report that there was a deadly protest in Kampala. Maggie says they just won't show it to MacKenzie. Seems like they're doing all the right things, here.

Neal is out of jail and at the bar. His co-workers toast to him.

Will's drink arrives just in time for MacKenzie to walk in and pour it on him. Ugh. I thought we stopped doing that last season. "Use your words!" Will begs. MacKenzie asks him why he can't be content with the love of his employees. "They'd walk through fire for you," she says. "For you," Will says. "I'm usually the one setting the fire," MacKenzie says. True. Before MacKenzie can say another word, Will listens to a cover of "You Were Always on My Mind" because Sorkin's on a '70s music kick this season.

MacKenzie tries again, saying they have to investigate the government's counter-terrorism plans. Lo and behold, Will already wrote his script for tomorrow night where he demands to see the memorandum. He should now pour alcohol on MacKenzie. Instead, they just stare at each other for a while.

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