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Elliot finishes up reporting on Anwar al-Awlaki's death. Dr. Dr. Sloan heads into the control room and tries to have a casual conversation with Don, who points out that he's kind of busy. "I'm sorry about what happened with Maggie. You didn't deserve that," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. She leaves, and an anonymous staffer enters with a report. Guess who's dead? Yes, as we all already knew, Troy Davis was executed. Don tells Elliot what to report as Charlie disgustedly tells the graphics guy to turn the Twitter feed off. The Twitter feed is okay for droned American citizens. It is not cool for executed ones.

Don is very sad. But he should be proud of the graphics team, which just put up a photo of Davis with a quote from the Supreme Court's denial of his last appeal. They are on it tonight!

MacKenzie returns to the control room to check on Don, I guess.

Dr. Dr. Sloan congratulates Maggie on getting an awesome Africa vacay!!! And recommends she call Jim to tell him the news.

She does. Jim doesn't answer. It rings twice and goes to voicemail. Someone just got avoided.

Dantana calls MacKenzie into his office. He finally found that Marine, Eric Sweeney. He puts him on speakerphone and asks him who he is. He's a retired gunnery sergeant in the Marines. And Operation Genoa is real. MacKenzie asks him if he's aware that he's telling the press classified information. He is.

He says that Genoa was "an extraction" and they used gas on civilians. Sarin gas. "They're all dead," he says. MacKenzie asks who he heard that from. Sweeney says he saw it with his own two eyes. He was there. Wow! What a scoop! Oh no wait it's not. We know it's not real already. So now we're just going to spend the season watching a long slow fuck up.

Also, Troy Davis is still dead. Elliot reads his last words.

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